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Iced Coffee {Loving Latte}

Coffee on Tap Coffee on Tap

I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I do love a flavored, iced latte.  In other words, coffee is okay as long as I’m tasting flavors along with my coffee!  As an avid fan of Pioneer Woman, I was excited to read her post on  making iced coffee. She has a very thorough tutorial on how to make iced coffee and save big bucks. Meaning, fewer trips through the drive-thru for a $7.00 cup of iced coffee! You know who I’m talking about.

I’m not going to go through the process that Ree at Pioneer Woman explains so well, I will just mention a couple of ways I found that worked well for me. I found my glass jug with its built-in tap wasn’t quite a gallon jar. Consequently I scaled back on the coffee grounds a bit. I use 8 ounces of fresh grounds, a dark French roast made by the company I mentioned previously. I love the smell and taste of their coffee when it’s iced! I use my kitchen scale to weigh out 8 ounces and place it in my glass jug and fill it full of filtered cold water.

After the grounds have steeped, I carefully pour the contents of the jug into a large soup kettle then wash out the jug with clear water. I used cheesecloth by the yards the first few months I was making this iced coffee to strain the grounds out. Then I had a brainstorm wandering through a local store’s kitchen department. I found jelly strainers! Two unbleached muslin bags came with a 3-legged stand but I was most interested in the strainer bags. I bought the set and as I’d hoped, the bag’s drawstring opening fit perfectly around my glass jug and hung inside!

Once the bag is in place, tied securely, I carefully pour the coffee mixture into the bag from the kettle. Perfect strainer! Very fine straining that removes all of the coffee grounds!  Reusable so that I felt so green and thrifty.  No more cheesecloth had to lose its life in my pursuit of iced coffee.

Strainer Strainer

From there I squeeze the bag carefully as I remove it from the jug and continue to squeeze out every drop of coffee liquid. Then I discard the grounds, wash the bag and hang to dry. Reusable and uber handy! You can see the bag and stand I mean on Amazon here.

The coffee jug isn’t completely full at this point so I add more filtered water to top it off before putting it into the fridge. From there it is on tap for my morning fill on my way to the office.

Double Walled Cup Double Walled Cup

I bought a double walled tumbler months ago and found I can’t do without it now. I love the amount of iced coffee it holds and it’s handy carried back and forth to the office. I have a second one at home and at the office, in case I want to have a soda with ice instead. I love the double walled tumblers that prevent sweat from puddling on my desk at work or tables at home. You get addicted to them!   Before leaving home I pour my coffee, add my soy or almond milk (lactose intolerant here), my flavoring(s) and I’m on the go!  I add the ice once I get to the office and I’m good for hours.

Another tip I wanted to pass along was for coffee flavorings. We don’t live in a large city so the variety of coffee flavorings available that are sugar-free is pathetic. I find shopping online much easier and even less costly. I like DaVinci syrups but have also ordered from Torani. I get monthly emails from both with their specials and stay stocked. But, storing all my flavors in those big bottles and dragging them out for a shot or two in my coffee every morning was annoying. Then one day I found the stash of empty little wine bottles that I thought were cute and had saved thinking they’d come in handy some day. I thought: flavorings! I filled the bottles with flavorings, labelled them, and was ready to go!

My Flavorings Rack My Flavorings Rack

Except now they still needed a storage place. Enter a shopping trip to a local builder supply store where I found a simple coated wire rack that was perfect to hold all of my bottles. I had my P.S. hang it on the wall in a handy spot and I am more than pleased at how easy and fast I can make my morning iced coffee on the run! I refill them every couple of weeks from the big bottles in the closet and feel so organized.  As long as I remember to fill my glass every morning before I leave the house, I am happy!

I’m almost a bit too happy when I drink my daily latte.  This concentrated coffee has quite a dose of caffeine and I end up babbling away at warp speed at times.  Linda’s son teases her for doing that also!  I probably should look into using maybe a mix of half caf, half decaf in the grounds.  That might keep the babbling at a minimum.  I did find I can’t drink it late in the day; I am up until 4 am watching my dvr’d tv shows.  But it goes down so good at the time!Tiara Logo

2 thoughts on “Iced Coffee {Loving Latte}

  1. You make some of the best lattes ever, Melady. We’ve talked at length about that almond milk creaminess. Where’s the flavoring recipe to accompany this, hmm? Going to make some caramel sauce (sugar-free or regular) for us? *hint hint*


    • I tried to make a pumpkin spice flavoring a few months ago and it had the consistency of snot. Gross! Must research more. I do recommend using these SF flavorings: chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter to make a Snickers bar latte. It’s so yummy! I drink that so fast I’m babbling in minutes.


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