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Sweet Potato Medallions {curried caramelized coins}


Curried Sweet Potatoes

Curried Sweet Potatoes

I don’t remember what I was searching for when I found this recipe. Maybe I had sweet potatoes I wanted to use in a dish? I’m pretty sure it was about the same time I found all those bottles of curry powder in my spice cabinet and discovered that my P.S. was becoming a curry hoarder.

When I found the recipe I thought that it made perfect sense. Take a healthy vegetable, add a scoop of sugar and some Indian spice, caramelize it by frying it in butter, and serve it as a side dish! I did wonder if it should actually be called a dessert but decided we would soon see.

I peeled a large sweet potato and then sliced it into ½” pieces. Sweet potatoes are so very woody, just doing those two things stressed my knife skills. I’m joking. It wasn’t bad. But from there I was annoyed that I didn’t have “demerara sugar”. Frankly I wasn’t sure what that even was! My P.S. informed me it was raw sugar and that we could use another form of raw sugar we had in our baking cupboard. Oh. More things I haven’t discovered yet?

Assemble the ingredients

Assemble the ingredients

Shaking my head at his shopping skills, I mixed the ingredients for the sugar to dip the slices in. I had my frying pan warmed with butter melting and as I dipped the slices in sugar I laid them in the pan. When I had them all laid out frying I had sugar leftover so I mounded it on top of the slices, using it up.

The slices fried nicely, turning a darker brown around the edges and a lighter brown in the middle. Caramelization at its finest! I let them fry until they were softened somewhat then flipped them to fry the second sides. The second side caramelized much more quickly due to the slice being heated through and the mound of sugar I’d placed on each one. More dark brown goodness!

Place the medallions in a large fry pan

Place the medallions in a large fry pan

We ate the medallions as a side dish with pork loin my P.S. had grilled along with some sliced potatoes and onions he’d cooked in foil packets on the grill. The sweet potatoes were amazing! It was like curry candy, in a vegetable! We loved it and have made it a few times since. I even made the medallions as one of our side dishes on Thanksgiving last year and the grandchildren went nuts over them. Seconds on the sweet potatoes! That’s rare for our house!

They're almost done!

They’re almost done!

I think everybody usually just takes a tablespoon of whatever concoction I’ve made with sweet potatoes to look sociable or polite on holidays. This past year they were fighting over the leftovers later in the evening when we were all snacking on our favorite dishes. I love the rare times when I find something new that is such a hit.  Just don’t be afraid of the dark color, that is where the best flavor is.

Curried Sweet Potato Medallions

adapted from about.com

2 medium sweet potatoes
2 teaspoona curry powder
2 tablespoona demerara sugar (or raw sugar or brown sugar)
1/4 teaspoon coarse salt
1 tablespoon butter
lemon juice (optional)

1. Heat a large, non-stick skillet over medium heat. (I use two smaller ones sometimes) Combine curry powder, sugar, and salt.

2. Meanwhile, slice sweet potatoes 1/2″ thick, toss with seasoning.

3. Add butter to skillet and swirl to melt.

4. Add sweet potatoes and pile half of remaining spice mix on top of each.

Cook until browned on one side – about 5 minutes. Flip slices and repeat, again coating with remaining spice mixture. Cook until both sides are darkly caramelized.

5. Serve hot with a few squirts of lemon juice on the slices if desired.

Slices will be deliciously crispy with caramelized edges.

This works fine with brown sugar if that’s all you have in the cupboard.


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