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Lemon Blossoms

Lemon Blossoms

Lemon Blossoms

Lemon Blossoms were a hit at a recent family gathering. When I found the recipe I thought it sounded like a nice change from all the chocolate bars and cookies that the rest of the family usually make. A nice zingy change that was light enough to make you want more. They were a hit!

I admit I’m not a huge Paula Deen follower, and these little treats were probably pre-diabetes, with the amounts of sugar the recipe contains. But they are keepers and I’ll be testing them with other flavors before I set the recipe aside.

There are few ingredients to these blossoms, so few that I remembered them when people were asking how they are made. I always have yellow cake mixes on hand, but rarely have instant flavored pudding. I had my P.S. (Princely Spouse/Pantry Stocker) bring home a box of lemon pudding and I was ready.

Mix cake ingredients with a hand mixer

Mix cake ingredients with a hand mixer

I simply dumped the yellow cake mix, lemon pudding, eggs, oil and lemon juice into a bowl and mixed it with my electric mixer. It was a tough mix, there is not much moisture to this batter. So just beware, the mixer does bog down and toil away a little roughly.

Fill mini muffin tins half full

Fill mini muffin tins half full

Of all of the sites that have this recipe, none were very clear on the amount of blossoms it made. One said 60 and I thought surely that must be wrong. I stood and looked at my 4 mini muffin tins and tried to count how many they would make. I had my P.S., who was passing by, count them also. We came up with about 6 different numbers before we settled on 54. It had been a long day.

I sprayed the tins and used the small cookie scoop to drop about a tablespoon of dough into each cup. I put the first two tins of 12 into the oven and let them bake. I tested them at 10 minutes and the toothpick was dry. Your oven may vary. I put the next pan of 24 into the oven to bake and set the timer for 10 minutes.

Dump blossoms out of pans and onto toweling immediately

Dump blossoms out of pans and onto toweling immediately

Following directions, I dumped the little blossoms onto toweling and realized I should have had the glaze ready, so they could be dipped while warm. Oops. I quickly mixed it and started dipping; they were fine even though they had quickly cooled. I didn’t have them all dipped when the timer went off for the next batch to come out of the oven. Oh my. My timing wasn’t good.

Just a suggestion, but maybe you want to space out the baking so you have time to dip. I got a bit harried and frustrated and stuff. By the time I put the third batch into the oven I’d turned on a fan and was gulping cold water in front of it. Wouldn’t you know it was finally a warm day in the North and I’d chosen to heat my kitchen by turning on the oven. It wasn’t hot enough to turn on the ac, really.

Mix the glaze ingredients until smooth and have ready for the warm blossoms

Mix the glaze ingredients until smooth and have ready for the warm blossoms

I ended up with about 46 blossoms. I maybe filled my tins a little more than halfway, as the directions had suggested. I liked their size however, and they were still done baking faster than the recommended 12 minutes. Toothpick testing is uber important when making anything with a cake mix, however. I’m maniacal about that!

The dipping went well; I had them on a rack over waxed paper then moved the rack so it was over foil when I wanted to dump the runoff glaze back into the bowl from the waxed paper. I had maybe a half cup of glaze left so I spooned it over the tops of most of them again, for the double dipped suggestion on the original recipe. It wasn’t too much glaze, it was perfect and it soaked into each blossom and then dried a bit so they were easy to handle.

Dip blossoms and set on rack over waxed paper

Dip blossoms and set on rack over waxed paper


I stored the blossoms in a covered container, 3 layers deep between waxed paper, and they all kept their shapes and pretty coverings intact. These blossoms are just so easy to make and handle! And wow, easy to eat. Lots of compliments and I was pleased with my first attempt at a Paula Deen dessert. As for the variations, some people suggested using carrot cake, or strawberry cake. Even red velvet cake or chocolate would be excellent I think. The lemon in the glaze could be changed to simply using vanilla in some cases. But I think sticking to lemon would be good with most cake flavors. It gives it that nice little zip in taste.

Lemon Blossoms

Lemon Blossoms


Lemon Blossoms

1 box yellow cake mix (16.5 or 18.5 ounce mixes work just fine)
1 box instant lemon pudding (I used Jello brand)
¾ cup oil
4 large eggs


4 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup lemon juice
Zest of one lemon
3 tablespoons water
3 tablespoons oil

Preheat oven to 350°.

Mix cake mix, gelatin, oil, eggs and lemon pudding in a bowl with a mixer, beating for 2 minutes. The dough will be fairly stiff.

Spray mini muffin tins or grease lightly.

Scoop 1 tablespoon or fill each cup about half full with batter. Bake for 10-12 minutes.

Prepare glaze and stir until smooth while baking first batch of blossoms.

Immediately empty blossoms onto toweling and dip into the glaze while warm. Set blossoms onto a rack with waxed paper underneath to catch the runoff. Scoop runoff back into the bowl to reuse when necessary.

Spoon remaining glaze over the tops of the blossoms if you have any leftover after they are all dipped. Allow blossoms to dry for an hour or so before putting into an airtight container between pieces of waxed paper.

May be stored in the refrigerator or on the countertop.

Recipe makes 60 (I got about 45 out of it)Tiara Logo


6 thoughts on “Lemon Blossoms

    • I haven’t noticed a difference. I made these blossoms back when the boxed cake mixes were 18.5 and they turned out the same. More recently I’ve been using the 16.5 ounce boxes of cake mix and hadn’t noticed they’d changed the boxes. But the blossoms still turn out the same, in spite of my being out of the loop! The only difference is probably the baking time and I do that by toothpick test, not strictly by timing.


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