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Peach Mango Sangria

Emily's Peach Mango Sangria

Emily’s Peach Mango Sangria

I’m not much on beverage recipes besides my beloved iced latte that I posted a few months ago. Being diabetic, I have to stick to sugar-free beverages for the most part and they aren’t often very complicated. I open a packet, dump it into my glass of iced water and stir. I’m a Crystal Lite addict: mojito and pink lemonade are my best friends.

But recently D’Emily (daughter Emily) made a huge jug of peach mango sangria when she was home visiting. Twice, actually. The first time we chugged it like we were drunken fools, and I poured the leftovers into glass bottles to sip on over the following week. The second time she made if for us was over the July 4th weekend when I actually paid attention to the recipe so I could possibly make this myself sometime. In moderation, it can fit into even my diet plan.

We used one of my glass jugs with a tap on it.  The jug actually has cows on it; who would put milk in a glass jug?  I can’t explain the cows, I use it for sun tea.

Em took a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (she prefers the Cupcake label from New Zealand)  and emptied it into the glass jug.  Then she added about 3/4 of a large bottle of peach mango nectar (Old Orchard).  Next she added 2 cups of peach schnapps and a can of ginger ale.  After she stirred it well she added a bag of frozen sliced peaches.

We transported our food and our jug to the picnic and put the jug into the refrigerator JDawg keeps in his garage for his “beverages”. We poured ourselves a plastic cup full and added ice. Mmmm.. on an almost 90 degree day up north, it went down smooooth and easy!

You need to keep reminding yourself not to drink it too fast because there is a whole lot of alcohol content to this punch. It is a true PUNCH of booze! But we nibbled on Red River Caviar and other snacks, so it wasn’t landing in an empty stomach.  Emily says she realizes it isn’t a true “sangria” in a classical sense, but she likes the name and so that’s what we will call it.

Drunken Peaches

Drunken Peaches

Next I’m searching for ways to use the boozed up peaches that end up floating in the jug for a few days. I’m thinking maybe a peach upside-down cake…. With a punch! *snicker*  It seems like a shame to waste them every time.  And I may be making much more of this beverage this summer.  It stores so well and retains its kick nicely.

Emily’s Peach Mango Sangria

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc (Cupcake label)
1 bottle peach mango nectar (Old Orchard brand or your choice in a bottle or frozen concentrate)
2 cups peach schnapps (reduce to 1 cup for less of a punch)
12 ounce can ginger ale
1 bag frozen peaches

Add all to a large glass jug with a tap, stir and refrigerate.

Add ice to a glass and serve!

Makes about a gallon of sangria.

Stores well in glass bottles for up to 2 weeks (Maybe longer; it hasn’t lasted longer in my house).Tiara Logo


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