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Pizzas {Hello Kitty}

Pizzas: Hello Kitty?

Pizzas: Hello Kitty?

So it was 2 am and I was still cutting Hello Kitty heads out of English muffins with my kitchen shears. Hello Kitty is very popular in our family. Not only is my 6 year old granddaughter, Bella, a huge fan, but my 27 year old daughter, Emily, is an even bigger fan. She collects Hello Kitty purses and other more adult style things. Bella has dolls and little girl things. I decided to make a Hello Kitty finger food for Bella’s recent birthday party. It was surprisingly easy.

Or maybe I should correct myself. It was easier than I’d expected, but it was one of the last things I made the day before the party. Translate that to: at 2 am I was still up, cutting kitty faces out of English muffins with a kitchen shears and trying to forget that I’d been on my feet for about 13 hours. My work was rewarded when everyone loved the mini pizzas at the party.

I had carefully studied Hello Kitty’s face shape and had a pattern to follow. I quickly learned that a pattern just slowed me down; it was easier to eyeball it and just cut out ears. I made about 20 kitty faces out of English muffin halves and put them into a zippered storage bag for the next day.

Pizza sauce spread onto the muffins

Pizza sauce spread onto the muffins

Heating the oven to 350° F the next day, I spread the kitty heads out on a baking sheet and toasted them for about 20 minutes. They weren’t browned, just a little crisped. I removed them from the oven and spread Boboli pizza sauce onto their faces. Trying not to laugh at the fact that I now had bloody cat faces all staring up at me, I used one packet of sauce out of a box of 3 for the 20 heads.  I happened to have it on hand, you could use any pizza sauce you prefer.

Layer cheese onto the muffins

Layer cheese onto the muffins

Next I used a two cup package of shredded mozzarella and piled it up all over the saucy faces. Another easy part, quickly done. On to the whiskers. The sites online had used black olives cut into little matchsticks, three to a side. Using a paring knife I cut up a pile of whiskers and placed them on the kitty faces. In hindsight, I should have cut them shorter so the eyes could have been placed further apart. One distinction of Hello Kitty is that she has eyes very far apart. Since my whiskers were a bit long, the eyes ended up closer together and so it didn’t look so much like Hello Kitty. But it did look like a kitty.

I punched small circles out of the olives using the tip of a squeeze bottle and placed the eyes on the kitties. Lastly I cut out little pieces of red pepper for a nose on each kitty. They were cute, very much like a kitty, but not exactly Hello Kitty. Sigh. I did try.  Who knew black olives strips had minds of their own?

Add whiskers and eyes made of black olives and a red pepper nose

Add whiskers and eyes made of black olives and a red pepper nose

The kitties went into the oven for about 5 minutes under the broiler, until the cheese was lightly golden. I was going to heat them further just before the party. Later when we reheated them they browned quite a bit more than I would have liked, but everyone still loved the shape and taste of the little pizza. I would probably make them again since I now have a better idea of how to modify them to get more of a Hello Kitty look.

Hello Kitty Pizzas

Hello Kitty Pizzas

I was so busy with all of the food prep for the party that I totally forgot to put the bow on Hello Kitty’s head. I’d bought pepperoni to cut into bows like I saw online, but the pepperoni remained untouched in my fridge. Actually I didn’t realize I’d forgotten the bows until I was writing this post. My kitties weren’t accessorized! Oh well, nobody commented so maybe they didn’t notice either. I will try to remember the bows next time!

Hello Kitty Pizzas

10 English Muffins
1 packet Boboli Pizza Sauce (from a box of 3)
2 cup bag of shredded Mozzarella
Black olives
Small red bell pepper

Cut the English muffins into kitty heads with a kitchen shears. Place them on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees F for about 20 minutes. You want them crisped, not browned.

Drop a tablespoon of pizza sauce on each muffin and spread with a knife or small offset spatula.

Cover the muffins with shredded mozzarella.

Cut the black olives into thin strips for whiskers and circles for eyes. Place them on each muffin.

Cut circles or triangles out of bell pepper and place for a nose.

Put the pan under the broiler and watch closely. I broiled them about 5 or 6 minutes, until the cheese began to brown. I turned them halfway through the broiling to have them equally browned.

Serve warm or room temperature.Tiara Logo

Makes 20 pizzas

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