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Grilled Havarti, Spinach, Avocado Sandwiches

Grilled Havarti Sandwiches

Grilled Havarti Sandwiches

Trying not to post foods that are done on every other food blog isn’t always easy. I see the same recipes repeated over and over with minor changes that even I could think of on my own and not need a whole recipe to tell me what to do. I like to post recipes that might be new and not all over the blogs, easily accessible.

I do post my family’s favorites for my family to access and those might get kind of basic. There are just so many ways to make Tater Tot Hotdish or Neiman Marcus Bars. They’re all good, tried and true, but not revolutionary new ideas by any means.

So the other day I was shopping for cheese. I was looking to make little tomato soup shooters (sans alcohol) for a birthday party where there would be children (it was a child’s party). I wanted to grill cheese sandwiches (the birthday girl’s favorite) and cut them into long planks and place them across the top of the soup shooter glasses. It was like soup with an oar. Something fun like that.

Assemble and lay on preheated griddle pan or skillet

Assemble and lay on preheated griddle pan or skillet

I picked up a wedge of Havarti cheese, one of my favorites, then realized later that said birthday girl and her siblings probably wouldn’t eat white cheese and would want orange cheese, the usual stuff. You know kids can be like that. Eventually the grilled cheese oars were made and American cheddar slices were used as the filling. But I still had my Havarti and I wanted it grilled, adult style.

Grilling the sandwich

Grilling the sandwich

Web surfing, I see grilled sandwiches (not the Panini things) and they’re dripping with white, melty cheese, along with greens and sometimes veggie slices of some sort. I had an image in my head of my perfect sandwich: a grilled Harvarti and spinach sandwich with slices of ripe avocado. The bread was a crusty sourdough-type bread with holes and it was browned to perfection.

When I did a search for Havarti spinach avocado grilled sandwich I came up with nothin’. Some had Havarti, some had spinach, many had avocado, but none with all three. Although I’m sure people have made them before (can one ever invent a new food combo?), I couldn’t find anyone who was giving out directions on how to make that combo perfectly. I would be winging it.

Brown on one side, flip and brown on second side

Brown on one side, flip and brown on second side

I picked up spinach from the grocery, had the Havarti, a ripe avocado, and a loaf of crusty sourdough bread at home. I called my P.S. (Pantry Supplier/hubby) to inform him what dinner would be and he replied “Along with…?” I hadn’t thought that far, but when he suggested soups I agreed. I told him to thaw some soup I freeze in bottles when he got home and I’d heat them and grill the sandwiches when I got home.

Grilled Havarti, Spinach, Avocado Sandwich

Grilled Havarti, Spinach, Avocado Sandwich

Do I need to write out a recipe? I think not. I put my flat griddle pan on to heat on medium. I sliced the bread, buttered the outsides, laid on thin slices of Havarti, avocado, then spinach, and grilled them until they were golden brown on each side. While they browned I microwaved the soups in cups and it was a quick and super tasty dinner in the unseasonably cool weather we’ve had for the last month. My mental image of a sandwich was finally fulfilled. I scratched “Grilled Havarti Spinach Avocado Sandwich” off my bucket list as I took a bite of my chewy, cheesy, creamy sandwich.Tiara Logo


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