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Grilled Peach Havarti Spinach Sandwiches

Grilled Havarti Peach Spinach

Grilled Havarti Peach Spinach

I get the “patented husband eye roll” when I suggest grilling unusual sandwiches to go with my homemade soups, but said hubby is usually impressed with the resulting combination of flavors.  Since I started including fruits as well as fresh greens in with the layer of cheese, we haven’t had a fail yet!

All of the peaches we got were SO good this year!  I’ve been on a peachy kick and have added them to so many different foods with success.  I have to say my favorite was putting them with Havarti cheese and spinach in this sandwich.  Every time I look at the pictures I want to sink my teeth into that sandwich all over again.  Never mind that I don’t have peaches, OR Havarti on hand right now!  I want!

My P.S. (Peach Supplier/hubby) had picked up a loaf of sourdough bread at a local bakery when he stopped for lunch one day.  After a couple of days it wasn’t as fresh, so it was in perfect form for grilled sandwiches.  I had a fridge full of possibilities to fill the bread, but the peaches almost jumped into my hands, demanding to be used.

The peaches were just ripe, which was why they were refrigerated- so that they would last a bit longer.  I didn’t peel them; in a sandwich with spinach the fuzzy skin wouldn’t be noticed and besides, it’s probably full of vitamins and stuff that’s good for us, I had vaguely decided.

I pitted them and sliced them in thin wedges.  Later my P.S. commented that I probably should have sliced them flat, and they wouldn’t have wanted to slide out of the sandwiches as we ate them.  I didn’t totally agree; they were slippery no matter how they were sliced and might have slid anyway.  It wasn’t a big problem.  Just one of mine had taken a jump back onto the plate.  No big deal.

Butter insides of bread slices and layer with cheese, then sliced peaches

Butter insides of bread slices and layer with cheese, then sliced peaches

I buttered the slices of sourdough bread and laid out the slices of Havarti on one side.  I laid the thin peach wedges over the cheese.  On the second buttered side I laid out the spinach.  That was maybe a mistake because as I tried to put them together I had spinach falling all over.  Note to self: stack it all on one side next time!

Layer spinach over peaches

Layer spinach over peaches

As my P.S. watched me assemble the sandwiches, he thought the spinach should have been wilted by frying it a minute or two.  He thought the sandwiches were too high and bulky.  I wrinkled my nose and said they would look normal after they were grilled on both sides; the spinach would flatten slightly with the heat and be just right.  I was right.  They did.  Go, me.

I spread butter over the top of the bread and placed them butter side down on my preheated flat griddle pan.  I should look into getting one that leaves grill marks if I’m going to be making these things more often.  I could never justify yet another pan in my overloaded cupboards, but it would be fun to have professional-looking grill marks on my sandwiches.

Butter tops of bread and place buttered side down on griddle

Butter tops of bread and place buttered side down on griddle

I fried each side of the sandwiches until they were golden brown, then cut them each into two triangles.  It’s a grilled cheese rule: diagonal slicing only.  They must look slightly less ordinary than pb & j or bologna sandwiches, you know!  As I cut them it crossed my mind that I’d never tried to use a ripply cutter on sandwiches.  You know that chopper that has a ripply blade that our moms used to cut carrot sticks?  I have one, and should use it more.  I’m thinking I’d probably get more “husband eye rolls” though.  Hey, I was just thinking outside of the box.  Isn’t that trendy?

Butter top side, then flip to brown on second side

Butter top side, then flip to brown on second side

The sandwiches were oh so good!  The peaches were warmed just a little, their juicy little selves a combo of sweet and tart between the layers of gooey melted Havarti and spinach.  We devoured them and agreed we needed to make a point to eat more grilled peach sandwiches before the season ends.  Up in the North we can’t even find them in the grocery during the winter months.  Canned or frozen peaches just wouldn’t be the same rich flavor as these were.

Grilled Havarti Peach Spinach Sandwiches

Grilled Havarti Peach Spinach Sandwiches

Grilled Peach, Havarti and Spinach Sandwiches

Your choice of bread; sliced
Havarti, thinly sliced
Fresh peaches, pitted and cut ¼” thick (wedges or slices, your choice)
Fresh spinach

Butter slices of bread and layer with cheese, peaches and spinach.  Place another slice of buttered bread on top.  Butter top of bread, place in preheated skillet or flat griddle and butter the tops.

Fry until golden brown, flip sandwich and fry on second side until golden.

Remove from heat, slice diagonally, and eat warm!

You could also grill using a Panini press, cooked according to manufacturer’s directions.Tiara Logo


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