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The Hubbard Squash Adventure

Hubbard Squash

Hubbard Squash

We had a jumbo golden hubbard squash that needed to be dealt with. Straight out of the Heritage Center’s garden, it was bumpy, colorful, and did I mention HUGE? It needed to be cut up and roasted.  I put it off for several days, knowing I most likely didn’t have the strength to saw through that giant ball of squashy goodness. I was going to have to call on my P.S. to wield a big knife (and possibly a cape) to conquer it.

After taking a token swipe at the squash with a sharp knife, I called in my P.S. (Portioner of Squash/hubby). With a sharper knife, and eventually a rubber mallet to beat the life out of the knife into the squash, he got it cut in half. I scraped out the insides and he continued his quest for squash dominance.

The insides were really easy to scrape and clean

The insides were really easy to scrape and clean

My P.S. was getting crabbier by the minute, cursing may have been involved, and I was trying to photograph the attack. Small pieces of shell were flying all over the counter, floors and even onto the walls. It was ugly. In the middle of the battle our son dropped his two boys off, aged 10 and 3, and I made sure they were kept busy in the living room with the big boxes of Lego and out of the way of flying squash and curse words. Eek!

Cut into approximately 2 x 3 inch pieces

Cut into approximately 2 x 3 inch pieces

Cutting it all up into pieces that were roughly 2” x 3”, we ended up with two sheet pans full of squash. I hadn’t lined the pans with foil as I usually do.  I’m maniacal about wanting to keep my pans in good shape. I didn’t dare mention it to the sweating P.S. and simply slid one pan into the preheated 400° F oven to roast. I set the timer for one hour.

After an hour of roasting, the first pan was still a bit firm when I tested pieces with a fork. I set the timer for 30 more minutes and at that time they were fork tender and slightly browned on the edges. Perfect! I covered it with foil to sweat them as they cooled, and slid the second pan into the oven and set the timer for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes I removed the second pan and again covered it with foil.

Roasted squash

Roasted squash

When both pans had cooled to room temperature, about an hour later, I scraped the squash off the peelings and stored the squash in two food storage shoeboxes in the fridge. I was surprised at how hard the skin on those things got after roasting! They were very tough and brittle, similar to clam shells! They clinked against the metal of the sheet pan!  This was no ordinary squash!

Our squash adventure was done for another year; at least I hope that was the end of it. That one squash provided about 10 lbs of roasted squash, or two 9.5 cup containers. Now I’m going to need some recipes….Tiara Logo


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