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Caramel Apples Grapes

Caramel Grapes

It’s caramel apple season! As much as I like caramel, and apples, I find it difficult to eat a whole caramel apple. They’re too big and messy. When I saw an alternative way to achieve caramel apple-type goodness, I was sold. I tested the recipe at a recent party and it was a hit! Caramel Apple Grapes are my newest favorite recipe!

My P.S. (Produce Supplier/hubby) had bought a big bag of red grapes. They were sweet and crunchy. You know the ones that you bite into and they have a nice pop? That kind of crunchy. I washed them and drained them and plucked a couple dozen off the stems and put them into a bowl. I was supplying the buffet for another grandchild’s birthday party and this would be one of the sweet treats.

Next I used a jar of caramel ice cream topping. The recipes said to either use topping or unwrap a bunch of caramels and melt them with some cream, etc. I opted for the jar that was ready for use. I poured about ¼ a cup at a time into a small bowl to use for dipping the grapes.

Grapes, caramel topping and crushed peanuts

Grapes, caramel topping and crushed peanuts

I put about a cup of dry roasted peanuts into a zippered bag then reduced them to a fine crumb in a therapeutic pounding with the meat tenderizing mallet. I poured them into a small bowl as well.

From there it was a simple matter of inserting a wooden toothpick into the side of the grape, dipping it into the caramel about 2/3 of the way, shaking off the excess then dipping them into the crumbs.

We set them in a clear glass dish for the buffet and watched them disappear! Everyone loved them and agreed that they almost forgot they were eating grapes they were so similar in taste to a caramel apple. But they were so much easier to eat, you wanted more and more.

Caramel Apple Grapes

Caramel Apple Grapes

Little Casey, the birthday boy who turned 3, kept asking for “one more”. After 5 times of “one more” I insisted he take “two more”. The next requests were for “two more” each time. I lost count of how many he actually ate.

Whoever thought of the idea originally had been wise in having them dipped in crushed peanuts. That prevented them from sticking to the tray with just caramel coating the grapes. Those wanting to avoid nuts for whatever reason might crush up some Rice Krispies instead. They would have the same nonstick effect.

Caramel Apples Grapes

Red or green grapes, washed and let dry
Caramel ice cream topping/ pour ¼ a cup at a time into a small bowl
1 cup dry roasted peanuts; crushed or reduced to crumbs in food processor
Wooden toothpicks

With the grapes laying on their sides, insert a toothpick into the side, then dip the grape into first the caramel topping, then the crushed nuts. Arrange on a platter as you dip, then serve.

Yield: as many as you want!

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