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Turkey Spinach Fontina Grill-wiches

Grilled Turkey Sandwich

My sister and I admit to being sandwich sluts. We will eat almost anything between two slices of bread. Linda and I grilled sandwiches while I was visiting for a few days. We’d picked up veggies and cheese for sandwiches for lunch. It was my fault they were piled so thick that they fell apart trying to make it to the grill!

In my defense, I’d not realized Linda didn’t own a flat griddle. I use mine so much I go through one every couple of years. My P.S. (Pan Supplier/hubby) buys them when he finds a good one on sale so we have a backup when the current griddle has outlived its non-stick coating. Even the better brands don’t last long when used as often as we use them! I have a note to self to ask him to buy one for Linda’s next birthday present. We’ll get her hooked on flat griddling yet!

Assembled ingredients

Assembled ingredients

That day we started with slices of fresh sourdough bread. I was surprised the Fargo grocery we shopped at didn’t have a very good variety of crusty or rustic breads. We were pressed for time so didn’t try another store. We just went with a middle of the road sourdough. When buttered and grilled, almost any bread will do.

Layer spinach, then turkey on the slices

Layer spinach, then turkey on the slices

We had roasted a turkey breast for another recipe we were making, and had leftover white meat for our sandwiches. I laid a layer of spinach on the bread, then turkey.  As we were busy chatting away I forgot to salt and pepper the turkey. Not a glaringly bad omission, I just would have preferred it on my sandwich.

Layer your choice of cheese on top of the turkey

Layer your choice of cheese on top of the turkey

I’d sliced the fontina cheese and laid the pieces over the turkey.  Next I layered on the slices of avocado.  When we discussed the way the sandwich fell apart at every move and turn afterwards, we decided we should have simply used a fork and mashed it a bit so it would have stuck in place better. Just a simple mashing in a bowl first, with no other additions would have made it stay put in the sandwiches better.

Layer tomato slices on top

Layer tomato slices on top

Next I sliced ripe tomatoes and laid them on the tops of the sandwich. Linda had suggested we butter or mayo the insides of the bread, but afterwards she agreed the moisture of the tomato against the bread was a good choice and avoided adding those extra calories. We may be sandwich sluts, but we are calorie-wise sandwich sluts!

Butter the tops of the sandwiches

Butter the tops of the sandwiches

I flipped the two sides of the sandwich together, cautiously holding the tomato slices so they didn’t eject off the top. I buttered the top of the sandwich and tried to carefully flip it and lay it in the preheated non-stick skillet with the buttered side down.  Nope, it was a mess!  I burnt my fingers in several places putting the sandwich back together after it ejected half of the contents while settling into the skillet. Silent curses.

Carefully flip and set sandwich buttered side down in heated pan

Carefully flip and set sandwich buttered side down in heated pan

I buttered the remaining topside of the sandwich and when the first side was browned I flipped it again. And again it fell apart and my fingers had to deal with the heat while reassembling the sandwich. More silent cursing. I’d never had a sandwich that was so determined NOT to remain together! These ingredients were definitely not the kinds that wanted to play well with others.

Butter top side, flip to brown

Butter top side, flip to brown

I didn’t have any better luck with the second and third sandwiches, but shrugged and decided I would learn and in future make sure my pieces had something that provided a glue for the sandwiches to stay together. We photographed the sandwiches and enjoyed our lunch. The sandwiches were great, they didn’t fall apart in our hands much. Perhaps the cheese finally melting kept some of the contents in place.

Burnt fingertips finally healed as I type this blog, I think my new rule will be that avocados will always be mashed with a fork. Those slippery, buttery slices taste great but defy gravity once they are layered in a sandwich. Or perhaps they, too, should be pressed into the slice of bread and that would anchor them a bit. But then the turkey would probably have flown out randomly. It’s probably best to just mash the avocado. That’s my suggestion for the day.

Grilled Turkey Sandwiches

Slices of crusty, rustic bread
Fresh spinach leaves
Slices of roast turkey or meat of choice
Slices of cheese; your choice (I used fontina)
Avocado; mashed with a fork
Slices of fresh tomato
Salt and pepper as desired

For each sandwich: use two slices of bread. On the first slice put a layer of spinach, then turkey. Salt and pepper if desired.

Spread a layer of cheese slices.

Spread a layer of mashed avocado over the cheese.

Lay slices of fresh tomato over the avocado, then top with another slice of bread.

Butter the outside of the top slice of bread. Place in non-stick skillet or griddle or Panini press buttered side down. Butter new top side and fry on each side until desired brownness. Remove to a plate, slice in half and serve.


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