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Readers Digest Made Me Do It {Tomatoes on PB Toast}

Peanut Butter Tomato Toast Peanut Butter Tomato Toast

Here’s a weird post but I have an excellent recipe (of sorts) that I wanted to share.  I have never been a breakfast person, even as a kid.  The summer before college I lived with my Thompson grandparents, who lived in the same town as the university.  They always ate breakfast and lingered over coffee in the morning.  They were usually annoyed that I didn’t want any breakfast.  I think they felt like they weren’t taking proper care of me.

My grandparents subscribed to the Reader’s Digest.  It was usually bathroom reading material.  It set on the back of the toilet for when you just might have time to do a little reading, know what I mean?  I usually took baths and so did a lot of reading.  I learned some weird things from the Reader’s Digest that summer in the bathtub.

But I did learn one successful trick/tip/recipe that I still use to this day.  A small blurb at the end of a totally unrelated article said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day (I knew that).  It said if nothing else, have a sandwich, and start your day right.

The recipe was to make two pieces of toast, spread them both with peanut butter, add sliced fresh tomatoes, put them together and eat them.  There were carbs, protein, and veggies all in one sandwich.  At first I thought they were insane.  That was the strangest combo ever.  And I’d made some strange sandwich combos, as a terminal sandwich eater.  One of my favorites was already peanut butter toast, with mayo.  Hey, it’s mayo with your protein.  That’s not strange…

Spread peanut butter on both sides of the toast. Cover with tomato slices. Spread peanut butter on both sides of the toast. Cover with tomato slices.

You can judge me, but I’ve always meant to fuel my body in the morning.  I just usually didn’t do it for long, or regularly.  But since my grandparents always had a huge, lovely garden full of fresh veggies and tomatoes were always plentiful, I vowed to try this new sandwich.  Worst case scenario I have one bite and toss the rest, right?

It was quick, toasting bread and spreading peanut butter then slicing a large tomato.  I went thick on the tomato because I do love them.  I put it all together, sliced the sandwich in half and took a bite.  Really, you should try this.  I’d never have guessed that peanut butter and tomato worked together so well!  They both shine in this breakfast sandwich, neither overshadowing the other.  It is truly a delicious treat!

Peanut butter and Tomato Toast Peanut Butter and Tomato Toast

Tomato slices seem to provide the moisture that peanut butter toast sometimes needs to go down easier in the morning.  It’s a sandwich I can make any time of year since tomatoes aren’t awfully high priced even in the winter up North. I use English muffin bread, a smaller sliced bread, so I sometimes make two sandwiches.

Ever since that morning in the bathtub at Grandpa and Grandma’s, I’ve had a breakfast that I actually love to eat.  Do I eat it often?  Sigh.  No.  I’m still a lousy breakfast eater.  In August and September when tomatoes are everywhere, I remember to indulge in my favorite breakfast toast sandwich.  I just still have to work on eating breakfast more often the rest of the year.

Peanut Butter Tomato Toast

2 slices of bread (shoot me, I like white bread.  I use Master English Muffin Bread)
2 tablespoons peanut butter (or more, nobody’s looking)
1 large tomato; slice it thick!

Toast your bread to your desired darkness.  Spread it with peanut butter while still warm so it’s runny and slippery.  Place tomato slices over one side of the toast, cutting the tomato into pieces to fully cover the bread.  Eat the leftover tomato pieces standing there.  Don’t waste good tomatoes!

Put pieces together and slice sandwich in half.  I do it corner to corner, it’s just more fun that way.

Eat!  Eat it often!

Serves: 1Tiara Logo

6 thoughts on “Readers Digest Made Me Do It {Tomatoes on PB Toast}

    • Ha! If you like sliced fresh tomatoes you’ll have a better chance of swallowing this. I hope you do try it! I’m trying your sweet potato roasted red pepper soup soon. That sounds like something I’d love.


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