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Peach Mango Sangria

Sangria (Peach Mango)

Sangria (Peach Mango)

It was time to update a beverage I posted last year.  Daughter Emily had made a tapped jug of peach mango sangria twice when she was home for family gatherings and I finally was going to make it myself.  I wanted it on tap in the fridge for summer evening relaxing.  Plus it has such great flavors that I’ve been wanting to enjoy it again.

We had a bottle of a white wine in the liquor cabinet that we weren’t sure where it came from.  It was foreign and I think D’Emily and hubby had brought it over Christmas.   No matter, it would be good in sangria, I decided after taking a sip.  Nice!  I’d recently bought another bottle of peach schnapps.  The one left from last summer didn’t have nearly enough to make the sangria sing.  It could hum at best.

I ran to the grocery in search of the fruit juice and nearly drew a blank on it.  Peach Mango by Old Orchard wasn’t in stock.  I tried the frozen section and again had no luck.  Back in the bottled fruit juices section I finally saw that V8 V-Fusion offered a peach mango juice.  That would have to do.  I don’t know if Old Orchard still sells their version, but I had a backup plan for now.



Back home I had two glass jugs with taps and decided to use the one without the cows, purely for photo reasons.  I still don’t get what they planned we use the cow jug for: milk?  I use it for tea, Crystal Lite, and sangria.  Nothing moos except me when I’ve had too much of that last liquid.  Did I say that out loud?  Eek.  Moo-ving on…  Ok, I’m done.  Let’s get serious about sangria.

I poured the wine, the fruit juice and the peach schnapps into the jug and was working on opening the peaches and a half bag of raspberries to add to the jug when I noticed the clear jug was leaking.  Rapidly.  I grabbed the cow jug and poured the sangria into it and breathed a sigh of relief.  I washed the first jug and set it on the table to tell my P.S. to fix it or toss it.  I was annoyed.

Peach Mango Sangria

Peach Mango Sangria

I finished mixing my sangria, poured myself and glass and added ice and ½ a can of diet ginger ale to my glass.  Photos taken, the jug went into the fridge and I curled up with my glass of sangria.  Done

Nope.  I came down Sunday morning to my P.S. washing dishes. He casually told me my jug had leaked and made a small lake of sangria on the glass shelf in the fridge.  WHAT!  I told him my trouble with the other jug and he said he’d put the sangria into a pitcher and tightened up the tap screws and the cow jug was good now.

Um, no.  A small puddle was already forming under the cow jug back in the fridge when I peeked.  I decided I would need to buy a new jug.  These jugs draining away my life-sustaining sangria (agree with me here!) just wasn’t acceptable.  A short while later my P.S. and I were on our way to Gordman’s, where they always have great glassware and liquid storage containers at reasonable prices.

Peach Mango Sangria

Peach Mango Sangria

Amazingly, I found a glass jug (rare to find, they’re plastic now in most stores) that looked kind of like a mason jar, and it had a chalkboard thing on the front so I could write what was in the jug!  Too fun!  And just under $10, which is what I’d assumed I’d be paying for a new one anyway.

Back home I washed it all thoroughly and tested it by filling it with water.  It was good to go!  I poured in the sangria, wrote “Sangria” on the jug (that isn’t easy from that angle with the tap in the way!) and put it in the fridge.  Done?

Nope, this sangria must be militant stuff, not wanting to remain in 3 jugs now. It was leaking again.  As I cursed in a totally ladylike way, My P.S. simply poured it into a pitcher again, tightened the fastenings (ok so I’m not all that strong) rinsed and refilled the jug.  This time there was no puddle in an hour, then two, then six.  The sangria was successfully contained until I wanted it to release into my new glass.

Yes, while shopping for my new tapped jug, I found a double-walled wine glass!  I’m a double-walled addict, with two cute glasses for my water or Crystal Lite at home, one at work, and several for the grandkids when they’re visiting.  I don’t like glasses to sweat!  So my sweat-free sangria is now enjoyed it a cutesy new wine glass.  There WAS a bright spot to all of the juggy drama.

Peach Mango Sangria

Peach Mango Sangria

However my drama was not over yet.  AHHHHH!  Remember back when I threw in the bag of frozen raspberries along with the peaches?  Yeah well that wasn’t bright.  By now they had fallen apart into little round bits as the sangria was transferred back and forth between all of the leaky jugs.  The sangria would now not pour out.  It was clogged!

Huge sigh, I poured the sangria into a pitcher once more and thoroughly washed the new jug, erasing the cute ‘Sangria’ label I’d written in the process.  I put water in the jug to make sure it was now unclogged and no, it wasn’t.  I have to admit I set it on the counter, with the spout over the sink, stuck my head in the sink under the jar and sucked it out.  Sucked, spit, sucked, spit, and it was finally empty.  That was kind of gross and embarrassing to admit, but I had no idea how to do it in any other way!

Peach Mango Sangria

Peach Mango Sangria

I was seriously considering giving up sangria drinking but with a jug that finally worked, I carefully wrote ‘Sangria’ on the front again before I poured the sangria in this time.  I put the jug in the fridge and walked away.  The relaxing glass of sangria would wait until after 5 pm.

Peach Mango Sangria

1 bottle white wine (preferably not sweet, the juice and fruit will sweeten the sangria nicely)
2 cups Peach Schnapps (use 1 cup to reduce alcohol level if desired)
1 bag frozen peaches (I added frozen raspberries to use them up)
1 bottle V8 V-Fusion Peach Mango Juice
Ginger Ale (or diet ginger ale) and ice for serving

Empty wine, schnapps, peaches and juice into a large jug with a tap on it.  Stir and refrigerate until serving.

To serve: Fill glass halfway full with sangria, add ice and top with ginger ale as desired.  I usually pour in half a can then the other half after I’ve drank it down a ways.

I use diet ginger ale to avoid adding more sugar.  It is a fairly sweet drink.

Yield: depends on the size of the servings.  I’d guess at 12-14 wine glasses plus ginger ale.  You could also add the ginger ale to the jug and serve at a party.  I like the effervescence of adding it per drink.

Update:  I did find Old Orchard’s Peach Mango juice in bottles in another grocery store.  The latest batch was made with a bottle of that and it was very similar to the V-8 juice.  Either would be good in this sangria recipe.Tiara Logo


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