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Ribeyes and Romaine {my P.S. grills!}

Ribeye and Grilled Romaine

Ribeye and Grilled Romaine

Time for another episode of: ‘Steak by my P.S’.  As the semi-pro griller of the household, he likes to grill steaks best.  No surprise, it’s a man thing in my family.  They love to grill steaks and chest thump.  Usually at the same time.  I’m thinking I haven’t helped them evolve quite as much as I should have.  But at least I get a salad as a side dish.

Earlier in the summer we learned how to cut romaine in half, drizzle it with a little olive oil and grill it for several minutes.  Grilling romaine gives amazing flavor to grazin’ greens.  My P.S. has stopped rolling his eyes when I request it along with his meat grilling.  That means he likes it.

This particular day he had picked up ribeyes for grilling and started the grill before preparing his trademark packets of potatoes and onions.  He puts a little oil on them, shakes of salt and pepper, and seals them in foil tightly.  They take about 45 minutes, turned several times to cook evenly.  Sometimes he slices up sweet red or orange bell peppers and adds them to the packets.  That changes the whole profile in a super way.

Today he went simple potato packets and simple steaks with a little seasoning sprinkled on.  He grills the steaks medium rare, our preference.  A little moo never hurt anyone if you trust your butcher.

Grilled Romaine

Grilled Romaine

The romaine was grilled last, while the steaks rested for 5 minutes.  Seared with marks then drizzled with a Caesar dressing and sprinkled with shaved Parm, it needed its own plate.  It looks like a large portion but it’s about the same as eating a bowl of chopped salad.  .

Deliciously smoky and almost buttery in flavor after it’s grilled, the romaine was my favorite part of the meal.  Steak, well it’s ok but I usually only eat half and P.S. eats the rest for breakfast with his eggs.  The potatoes are perfect and dipped in sour cream, they’re a bonus treat.

Ribeye and Grilled Romaine

Ribeye and Grilled Romaine

For dessert my P.S. surprised me with strawberry shortcake.  His version usually varies in what he uses for the cake part.  This time he sliced up pound cake he’d bought with dessert in mind.  He informed me he “macerated” some strawberries earlier and they were perfectly sweetened.  It annoys me that he remembers words like that from the cooking shows.  I’d have said I stirred sugar into the berries after I cut them up.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

The shortcake was deliciously light.  He hadn’t sweetened the berries much and didn’t add a great deal of powdered sugar to the whipped cream so the true flavors came through.  Sugar tends to hijack your taste buds and the other flavors often get lost.   This dessert was creamy and tangy to the last bite.  It was another great meal by my P.S., accompanied by as super tasty dessert.

And with most of the meal grilled, I didn’t have to clean up much of a mess in the kitchen.  Bonus!Tiara Logo


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