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Red Sangria

Red Sangria

Red Sangria

Wine has been my drink of choice from the time I became legal (18 years old in Minnesota).  I have other likes (gin, you are my bitch!  You too, bourbon!) but I always return to wine when I want a relaxing sip.  Sitting and relaxing with a glass of sangria has been my most recent return to wine.  Changing from white to red sangria was my next step.

I’ve been using white wine since daughter Emily showed me how to make peach mango sangria.  This time I used an inexpensive merlot from Double Dog Dare, a California wine for my first red sangria experiment.  I added a bottle of Old Orchard Apple Passion Mango and two cups of E & J brandy.  I was out of my usual peach brandy so I borrowed brandy from my P.S.’s side of the liquor cabinet.  ssssh, don’t tell.

My liquid ingredients poured into my jar with the tap, I gave it a stir and put it into the refrigerator.  I would wait a few hours to sample it.  Besides, it wasn’t 5:00 yet.

Mix in a glass jar with a tap

Mix in a glass jar with a tap

Actually I waited until 7 pm.  Dinner over, the kitchen cleaned, my P.S. in bed, I was ready to curl up on a couch and watch TV.  I poured my favorite sippin’ cup 3/4 full of sangria, added ice and 1/2 a can of soda for some carbonation.  I had bought some sugar free grapefruit soda, similar to Fresca.  Usually I use sugar free ginger ale but the store had been out.  Time to try a new fizzy boost!

Red Sangria

Red Sangria

The  combination of flavors worked very well.  I’ve been drinking white wine in my sangrias but I really prefer to drink red wine.  The red, mixed with the fruit juice and brandy, with the addition of the grapefruit soda was excellent.  Fizzy and fruity on the palate, it was my new favorite drink.  It went down very easily.  That’s a warning!

Red Sangria

1 bottle of merlot (I used Double Dog Dare)
64 ounce bottle Old Orchard Apple Passion Mango Juice
2 cups brandy (unflavored or peach brandy)
ginger ale or grapefruit soda (I use the sugar free versions)

Mix wine, juice and brandy in a glass jug with a tap.  Refrigerate.

To serve: pour 3/4 a glass of wine, add 3 or 4 cubes of ice and top with soda of choice.Tiara Logo


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