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Pan Roasted Dinner {My P.S. cooks!}

Potato Chicken Bake

Potato Chicken Bake

I’ve neglected my P.S.’s cooking for too long!  A few months ago I was down with a virus, courtesy of my lovely grandchildren and my P.S. made dinner.  I gave him some ideas based on the contents of the fridge and he added some of his own ideas to the mix. He usually balks at getting many directions and this time was no different but it was a delicious meal!

P.S. started by scrubbing some big potatoes from the Heritage garden and cutting them into 1″ pieces. He left the skins on since we like our potatoes that way, especially when they’re fresh from the ground. He chopped and tossed them into a bowl and continued creating his meal.

Potato Chicken Bake

Potato Chicken Bake

He’d brought home a strangely shaped kohlrabi from his parents’ garden and decided to peel and cut that into 1″ chunks as well. They went into his bowl along with sliced garden carrots and a large onion he’d sliced up.

At this point I heard him softly cursing from my position on the couch in the living room. His bowl was too full to toss the vegetables with oil and seasonings. I could tell by the sounds he made that he was pulling one of the large Tupperware mixing bowls from the cupboard and transferring his vegetables.  He now had enough room to mix and toss them with oil, salt, pepper, cumin and oregano (my suggestions).

Potato Chicken Bake

Potato Chicken Bake

I’d thawed a large chicken breast and a pheasant breast but my P.S. didn’t agree with my plan to dice them up and roast them along with the vegetables. He diced the chicken but left the pheasant whole.

Next he lined a baking sheet pan with foil, spread the vegetables and chicken in the pan and slid it into a preheated 400°F oven. I suggested he check at 40 minutes to see if the potatoes and carrots were fork tender, then sprinkle cheese over the top. The cheese ties it all nicely together. I’d made the dish several times with chicken previously and it had been excellent.  He just looked at me like he had no recollection of ever eating such a combination.

Potato Chicken Bake

Potato Chicken Bake

My P.S. was grumpy at 45 minutes when I mentioned he’d forgotten the cheese but he sprinkled it on the roasted vegetables and chicken and let it sit to melt. It would have been a little better had the cheese been melted and lightly browned but oh well. Sometimes you can’t mess with a man who thinks he knows better.

Dinner was served and it was tasty! The kohlrabi was a bit too firm yet, but I suspect it was slightly woody rather than not being roasted long enough. The chicken was tender and not dried out as my P.S. had insisted it would be. His pheasant looked quite dried but I didn’t comment. Best left unsaid.

Potato Chicken Bake

Potato Chicken Bake

We had enough for 4 servings but that’s not a problem. My P.S. likes to microwave leftovers at 1 am for his breakfasts before work. He could fry an egg and let the yolk break and ooze over the reheated vegetables for an extra treat. I mean, that’s what I would do!

P.S.’s Roasted Vegetables and Chicken Dinner

2 chicken breasts; cubed into 1″ chunks (or one chicken and one pheasant breast as we did)
3 large potatoes; scrubbed and cut into 1″ pieces
4 medium carrots; scrubbed and sliced 1/2″ thick
1 large onion; cut into 1″ pieces or slices
kohlrabi or other vegetables cut into 1″ chunks
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon oregano
3-4 tablespoons canola oil

Preheat oven to 400°F.

Place vegetables and meat into a large bowl. Add spices and oil and toss to coat. Lay out on foil covered baking pan and roast for 45 minutes or until vegetables are fork tender. During the last 5 or 10 minutes sprinkle with cheese and cook until melted.

Serves approx 4Tiara Logo

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