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Thoughts While Recovering From the Flu

I’ve had the flu for a week and it’s been more miserable than usual.  Maybe we get hit harder when we’re older?  I’m getting to an age where I have to start agreeing.  I will claim age as an excuse for not remembering to get a flu shot last fall.  The shot might have made the flu a little easier to handle.  I proactively put a reminder on my calendar for this coming fall.  GET SHOT!  I thought that was funny in my dazed state.

The flu made me restless.  I couldn’t lay and read for long on my Kindle or sleep without having bizarre nightmares.  I spent a lot of time propped on a couch watching TV and surfing the food blogs.  (Both reappeared in my nightmares in frightening ways.)  But I started thinking about spicy foods and the thought stuck in my mind for several days.  Perhaps my inability to eat made me focus on food more but I have to ask:  why in the WORLD must everyone make foods so SPICY?  This is a trend that’s grown more and more and it’s totally annoying to me!

People now put chipotle or Sriracha or major amounts of red chili flakes in so many foods!  Must everything we eat burn the heck out of our mouths?  I don’t see that as one of my goals in life.  Ok, I’ll give you hot wings, it’s a sports bar thing.  But regular chicken should not burn my tongue after the first bite.  Nor should a lot of other foods.  And anything with “Buffalo” in its name is evil.  Period.

I do know the reason behind why I dislike hate spicy foods.  I’m a super taster, as established by my daughter’s research several years ago.  Emily and I share the trait and commiserate occasionally.  We’re two of those people who have extra taste buds (I’m not sure how they count that) and flavors are stronger to us than other people who have a normal set of taste buds.  Although that sounds like it might be a good thing, it’s not.

Being a super taster explains why I can taste cilantro from across the room.  Heh.  Seriously, it’s a hideous taste to me and that’s bad because people now put it in everything.  I ordered a salad with crispy chicken fingers in it at the Green Mill restaurant last week and it was hideous.  There was so much chopped cilantro in with the rest of the lettuces and vegetables that I couldn’t eat it.  I brought it home and my P.S. cheerfully devoured it with his dinner.  I need to learn to read the menu better.

I’ve never been much for ice cream although I do love to make it.  My multitude of taste buds don’t like to be cold.  Unless it’s packed with a lot of caramel and brownies and extra stuff like that, I usually skip ice cream.  The same goes for dark chocolate.  It’s extra bitter to me and not pleasant.  Dessert or treats should be pleasant!

My P.S. (Purchaser of Sausages/ hubby) buys sausages and brats because he loves them.  I work them into meals in various ways but besides having a lot of spices that jump out at me so I dislike them, they are often very spicy hot as well!  In my flu-dazed state I wondered why we couldn’t go for unique, interesting flavors without the extra burden of burning my tongue.  You’d think a sausage labeled “Three Cheese” could be pleasantly cheesy without also making my taste buds shriek bloody murder.

Speaking of menus, I’m going to complain about menu choices as well.  I’ll be reading along and the pasta dish sounds delicious, then I notice it says “Cajun” or “rattlesnake” or some such word that is warning of the heat level.  When those dishes start to outnumber the ones that are not spicy, it annoys me.  Sometimes the words “spicy sausage” are hidden in the description and I fail to notice it.  Eeek.  My tongue hates me at those times.

Besides being a super taster, I have had stomach ulcers all of  my life.  I can go long periods without one but when I have one, it is a second reminder that what I just ate was too spicy for me.  After my tongue is burning and miserable, my stomach joins that party.  Double disaster.  Yes, I have things to take to slow or stop the burning but it doesn’t seem fair that I have to take extra chemicals to stop the pain from a meal that didn’t need to be brutal.

Today on The Chew Clinton made Buffalo Cauliflower, which is what reminded me of my need to rant.  I can think of a lot of ways to flavor up some cauliflower but Buffalo won’t be one of them.  I understood it was because the guest was a vegan and this was a substitute for wings for her.  But while we’re contemplating wings, why are they even a thing?  They are mostly skin and isn’t that the bad part of eating chicken?  Or is chicken skin the new black?  Acceptable again?  I should Google that.  Nah, I don’t care.  I’m still not eating it.

I do have one time of year where I willingly make a spicy dish, and that is during Mardi Gras.  Jambalaya needs to exist.  Andouille and seasonings make the dish’s perfection and I will always sacrifice my buds and belly to celebrate the existence of Jambalaya.  The rest of the year, when I say add a pinch of cayenne to a dish, it is about 3 grains of cayenne.  Cuz I know all 3 will end up on my tongue.Tiara Logo


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