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Phone Scams and Stranger Danger

scamI need to take the time and post a discussion of scams. Phone scams in particular. There are several, but the one that almost everyone I know has been getting is the Windows Tech Support Scam. The people all sound like they are from India or roundabout there and are polite enough. They’re just not real Windows employees. Microsoft would NEVER call you and tell you your computer is full of viruses.

Over a period of about 5 years, these people have called the Castle hundreds of times. Hundreds. I’m serious. I wish I was exaggerating! Caller ID shows them as wireless caller, Porter Orville, Don Johnson Co., wireless caller, various cities and states and sometimes even FRAUD CALLER. I’m guessing that last one is because they’ve been busted by a phone company or something.

On my cell phone I don’t answer any number I don’t recognize. I had to start doing that also with the Castle’s landline because this has become seriously annoying. Any time of day or night I end up chasing around the Castle looking for one of the cordless phones only to discover I’ve been targeted again by the scammers.

In the last month it’s become absolutely insane. I’m getting 3-5 calls a DAY! Often I return home to find missed calls I recognize as the scammers. They can’t be stopped because they are based in foreign countries, my P.S. says. He likes to argue with them and ends up using bad language. I hate that he talks to them at all.

Usually the few times I actually answer the phone because I’m not sure about a new name on ID, I hang up without saying a word. Or one week I was on a roll, super angry, and said some swear words loudly and hung up. One time I blush to admit I talked dirty. He hung up on ME! I often say “I don’t own a computer” and hang up. I almost always say “I didn’t believe you people the first 25 times you called, give it up”.

What I really wonder is who are the people that are falling for these scams, that they continue? They must being making serious money on the Windows Service Desk scam to continue in spite of us hanging up on them hundreds of times. Who is giving them credit card numbers!?!?!

I’m so frustrated. I’m about to disconnect what they call our “landline”. Honestly, we rarely get phone calls from friends and family on that line. People know to call our cell phones. But it’s part of our internet/tv/phone package and not a great deal of money. It would be further annoying to have to tell parents and people who aren’t used to calling our cell phones to not use the Castle’s phone anymore.

I feel like they’re winning if their calls make me do something drastic like shutting off service. But I don’t want to be further inconvenienced by foreign idiots making money at the expensive of anyone who doesn’t know to NOT give out information and money on the phone. This is CRAZY! Stranger Danger, people!

Again, Microsoft will NEVER call you and tell you that you have computer problems that need to be fixed. When you have computer problems you will know, and you will have to call someone like Best Buy and pay something like $150. to get your computer fixed. If someone on the phone tells you they see what is on your computer, they are a hacker and are bad from the start to admit they saw something (They didn’t). Nobody should see what is on your computer but you.

Please, don’t keep these people in business. Be wise and hang up. Personally, my next step is to buy one of those loud lifeguard whistles. They might stop calling when they have a deaf ears.

If you’d like to read an article on this, I give you a link to one on Make Use OfThere are many other articles online about the scam if you do a simple search for “windows support scam calls”.

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