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Oreo Cookie Snowmen

Oreo Snowmen Cookies Oreo Snowmen Cookies

I was reading a blog the other day that made me laugh.  It discussed how so many of the Pinterest recipes do not turn out looking like the posted pictures.  My mind went back to Christmas and baking with granddaughter Bella.  We made Oreo snowmen that looked easy in the Pinterest pin but were not as pretty as the pictures.  These snowmen heads were sad, which is why I’ve hesitated in posting them.

I had originally liked the snowmen heads because they used the Oreo cookie balls recipe I usually make for Christmas.  Everyone loves them so much I usually make a double batch.  I’ve rolled and dipped them for YEARS, but this year was my off year.  They just didn’t turn out their usual perfect little selves.

Reduce cookies to fine crumbs in food processor Reduce cookies to fine crumbs in food processor

I asked my P.S. (Pantry Stocker/hubby) to bring home a package of Oreos.  He went gourmet on me and brought home the chocolate filled ones.  Oh well, not a huge deal.  I don’t think the change in filling flavor contributed to any wrongdoing here.  I put them in the food processor and turned them into a pulverized state, then added the cream cheese and blended them into a chocolate dough.

Add cream cheese and pulse until well mixed Add cream cheese and pulse until well mixed

After refrigerating them for awhile I used a cookie scoop and made the Oreo mixture into 1″ balls, rolling them between my palms to make them smooth.  Again I refrigerated to firm them up, about an hour or so.

Refrigerate until chilled through, then scoop and roll into 1 Refrigerate until chilled through, then scoop and roll into 1″ balls

I melted my premium white chips in the microwave as usual, stirring every 30 seconds or so until melted.  But they didn’t fully melt.  I had small lumps that refused to go smooth.  At that point I had to choices: discard and start over with new chips (after a trip to the grocery store) or dip the Oreo balls in the white coating and ignore the small lumps.  I chose the second one, not wanting to go out into the frigid winter weather for a silly bag of white chips.

Dip balls into melted white coating and let harden in refrigerator again Dip balls into melted white coating and let harden in refrigerator again

Oreo balls dipped, they weren’t so awfully bad.  Nowhere near as pretty as they usually were, but these were going to be snowmen heads, and what snowman is perfect and without lumps?  I’d take the blame, this wasn’t Pinterest’s fault.  Yet.  I use a toothpick to dip the balls, then remove them once the coating is hardened.  The hat will cover up the toothpick hole later.

I  made royal icing, my usual decorative frosting recipe and added a small amount of frosting to 4 small bowls.  I colored the frostings light blue for eyes, orange for the carrot nose, black for the snowman’s grin, and would use the rest of the orange frosting to attach the little hats to the heads.  Nothing complicated here, but we did learn how to make black by adding lots of different colors to the bowl until we decided it was black!  The frosting went into piping tubes with round tips in different sizes.  I have to apologize for not photographing the piping bags or any of the decorating.  We were so busy and talkative as we made these snowmen that I forgot my usual blogging chores!

Bella piped on the eyes with the blue frosting.  Once she got the hang of piping enough of a blob that they stuck instead of pulling away, the task was easy.  We both took turns piping on an orange nose, but neither of us ended up with a very long carrot nose.  They were passable.  Meh.

Oreo Snowmen Cookies Oreo Snowmen Cookies

I drew the grins on the mouths, trying to vary them and be creative.  We didn’t want a bunch of look-alikes.  We thought they should all have individual styles.  Finally I piped a blob on top of each head while Bella stuck the miniature Oreo hat on top.  We had to redo them often as they just didn’t want to stick all that well.

I photographed some of our better attempts.  Some of the poor snowmen really were quite um.. scary looking.  Perhaps if I’d done them myself, taking a lot of time to tweak each face they would look professional like those dang Pinterest pictures.  But I think these were meant to be done by kids, and that means you get what you get.  They are still going to taste good, whether they look fabulously perfect or not.

The faces set up fast, drying quickly but they were difficult to move into containers for storage.  The noses and hats were already falling off.  More fell off at Christmas when we set them out on plates on the buffet.  We had a lot of one-eye snowmen without noses or hats but nobody seemed to mind.  They were eaten anyway!

Verdict?  Cute but too much fussing to make regularly.  I might look into edible markers next time.  And draw on a hat.  I don’t like my Christmas goodies falling apart in destructive ways before my eyes.  I’m fussy like that.  Suck it, Pinterest!

The pin was from the site The Girl Who Ate Everything if you’re interested in the exact directions.  I used this and my own royal icing recipe previously noted.

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