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Papa Murphy’s Pizza {review}

Papa Murphy's Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

Papa Murphy’s Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

As a new wife and eventually a mother, I had a run at making my own pizzas.  I started with the big Betty Crocker cookbook’s crust recipe and moved on from there.  I never produced anything worth writing home about.  I was better at finding the best pizza parlor in town and sticking with it.  We like a yeasty crust and I really have no patience with breads or yeasty baked goods.  I tried, but my crusts were never as good as the professionals.  When I think of pizza I want it to be worthy of eating.  All that time kneading and waiting for it to rise better be worth it!

Our absolute favorite pizza that still weighs in at #1 in our memories is Felix & Oscar’s in Des Moines, Iowa.  I did a search and was happy to see that F & O’a still exist, making those absolutely wonderful Chicago deep dish pizzas.  Their site says they’ve been making them since 1975, so we were fortunate to have been there in their early years.  We lived in Des Moines from 1977-1978 and consumed many, many pizzas.  Besides the pizzas, we loved the breaded mushrooms.  Not many places served breaded mushrooms at that time.

Papa Murphy's Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

Papa Murphy’s Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

Jump forward mumble40mumble years and today our go-to favorite pizzas come from Papa Murphy’s.  I’m not a paid spokesperson/model for them, I just love their take and bake pizzas.  They are SO much easier than buying all of the ingredients and making a pizza at home.  Plus if I bought all of the ingredients it would cost more than just picking a pizza up on the way home.  So there’s that.

Besides being cost efficient, Papa Murphy’s has a location a very short drive from our castle.  They constantly have new kinds of pizzas and special offers.  And since we’re two of those weird people who love to eat cold pizza for breakfast, the pizzas are the right size for dinner and breakfast the next day!  We picked one up Saturday evening and I really liked the Chicago-Style Stuffed™ pizza.  It has: Red Sauce, Salami, Pepperoni, Sausage, Ground Beef, Mixed Onions, topped with Tomatoes, Green Onions, Provolone and Cheddar.

The pizza took me back to the memories of Felix & Oscars pizza, with its top and bottom crust.  There’s something exiting about having the meat and cheeses all buried under a crusty browned canopy.  It’s so filling I can’t eat as much as the usual flat crust pizza, but there are always breakfasts for several days if the pizza lasts that long!

Papa Murphy's Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

Papa Murphy’s Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

I’ve  made alternative pizzas such as a cauliflower crust pizza and we enjoyed the flavor of those.  They’re a bit more work than the usual pizza and require starting earlier to get it done in time for dinner.  We’ve also more recently tried the Boboli pizza crusts and been creative with toppings.  They’re ok but frankly the crust isn’t as flavorful as Papa Murphy’s.

Baking a Papa Murphy’s pizza is one of my P.S.’s favorite ways to prepare a meal on the nights when it’s his turn to cook.  He will sometimes call me with choices of pizzas but usually he picks them out for us.  He does a good job!  We tend to like the meatier pizzas or one with a white sauce and chicken.  We really, really loved the Chicago stuffed crust pizza we found last night.  It will be our favorite for awhile!

Visit Papa Murphy’s website

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