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I rarely watch commercials on TV.  I’m one of those people the advertisers hate who records shows on my dvr then watches them so I can fast forward through the commercials.  Hey, I see them, I just see them at a fast speed!  But occasionally I watch a show on demand where you can’t fast forward.  I saw a Bai commercial recently that made me snicker.

Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake were in the commercial.  Timberlake, of course, was a member of the band N SYNC and one of their big songs was “Bye, Bye, Bye”.  Walken was saying the lyrics to that song in a deadpan way, then turns to his right and there is Timberlake.  They both just look solemnly at each other for a minute then the song plays over them.  Cute!



I found the commercial on YouTube to show my P.S. because I couldn’t think of Walken’s name.  I told him the commercial caught my eye and makes me want to try the drink.  The sign of a good commercial: you remember the name of the product.  The song was a catchy way to link to a product and have it stuck in my mind.  They call that an earworm, when you can’t get it out of your head (like the My Little Ponies TV show’s theme song after my grandson has watched 3 in a row.  I hum that song for days!)

So the next day my P.S. was shopping for a few groceries and found the drink on sale (in Target).  He just bought me 3 bottles, in case I didn’t like it.  I’m fussy on my low calorie juices.  Often they taste more like something I should use to clean my car battery terminals instead of something I should drink for breakfast!  And as a diabetic I have to avoid the higher calorie juices.

Malawi Mango Bai

Malawi Mango Bai

But I want to say, this Bai juice was great!  I first tried the Malawi Mango and it was pretty good.  It had a subtle mango taste and wasn’t a blatant smack in the face with acid.  It is sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener, so it boasts “no artificial sweeteners”.  The link here takes you to their site where they have a smoothie recipe that looks awesome.  I just need a frozen banana to check that out sometime.

Next I tried the Costa Rica Clementine.  It was also great, tasting very similar to a clementine.  I’d just had a clementine for breakfast so it was easy to judge the similarity!

“Coffeefruit” is the secret superfruit they say has antioxidant benefits in each bottle of Bai.  I don’t know if I believe antioxidants are really all that effective, but it can’t hurt, I guess.  There are so many flavors to choose from it boggles the mind.  I listed the flavors below with their links.  The humor on the pages is fun, and the recipes for enhanced drinks look very interesting.

I did wonder briefly if the mangos were from Malawi, hence the name.  I found the explanation for the drinks’ names on their site: We named our flavors after the coffee growing regions that inspired them, sort of like French Kissing or Bermuda Shorts.  Great sense of humor, but I should have expected that after seeing the commercial.

Choosing the unusual humor of Christopher Walken was a wise marketing maneuver.  He’s famous in my mind for “More Cowbells” on SNL, among his many other skits over the years.  He was also fabulous in the movie “Hairspray”.



Having Justin Timberlake and his memorable song was the other smart choice for the commercial.  As I drank my Malawi Mango Bai for breakfast I wanted to dance and do the hand motions for the N SYNC song.  My P.S. just rolled his eyes.  Yes, he’s an eyeroller.  I, however, am a Bai convert now.  woot woot!

I can’t wait to try my other flavor, Kula Watermelon.  My P.S. chose wisely, the three he bought were my favorite fruits!  I’m just tickled to find low sugar beverages with a variety of flavors.  I’m hoping they all taste like the actual fruits they’re named for.  So far they’re two for two!

I’ve spent time on a post for a beverage where I receive no compensation.  Crazy, huh?  I’m just tickled with the advertising as well as the flavored beverages.  They also have the beverages in carbonated form as well as waters, superteas, colas, etc.  There are just so many flavors and forms it boggles the mind.  We found these on sale 3/$5 but the regular prices are a bit steep.  Some are even steeper.  So there, I’m going to be honest.  You probably won’t buy them for your kids.Tiara Logo

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