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My Bundt Picture is Famous

Breakfast Bundt Breakfast Bundt

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture I took of a bundt egg dish I made . I called it a Bundt-iful Breakfast BakeThe post has been fairly popular on my blog, often appearing in the trending pictures.  And then someone stole the picture for her blog.  It also appears on her Facebook post that links to her blog.  I should maybe be flattered, but I’m not.  She used a totally different recipe!

This person or persons’ blog is one they make money on.  I’m not paid for blogging, I do this for fun.  Mostly I blog to keep the family recipes in an easy to reach spot on the internet for family and friends.  The blog is also to inspire me to cook more for my P.S. and myself.  We tend to eat out at restaurants way to much and that’s not particularly good for our diets.

When I saw the post on Facebook I was horrified.  The “new” recipe they used included a roll of Pillsbury Grands, cut up into pieces, and frozen tater tots.  I’d never use those two things in an egg bake!  They also didn’t include spinach, as I had.  So of course everyone was asking what the green stuff was in the egg bake.  There were tons of comments and shares.  I’ll say this: he/she had a hit with my picture!  There were over 100,000 views and it’s continued to grow.

I’m not a mean person, so I simply took the blog link and made a comment.  I asked them to take down my picture or at least link it to the correct recipe.  I gave them the link, it appeared in a cute little box showing my picture.  I checked occasionally and nobody bothered to take the picture down.  They did, however, remember to remove my comment from their feed. Pfffft!

I explained my situation to my P.S.  He was all militant and wanted me to do this and that and for heaven’s sakes, watermark my pictures from now on.  I said no, I don’t want to watermark or mar the pictures.  I think that detracts from the reaction I want: drooling.  I want the pictures to look so good you want to lick your phone or computer screen.  I don’t want you to get ink on your tongue in doing so!

I was impressed when the stats on my post suddenly hit the ceiling and kept climbing.  Somehow the people found me, to the tune of 6,800 hits for a few days before very slowly dying down.  I’m still averaging way more hits per day than usual and that delicious looking egg bake remains in my Trending column.  I went viral, that was fun.  It would have been more fun if it had been because I’d done it myself.

Then yesterday a kind visitor advised me someone had stolen my picture to use for a post on eBay.  Good grief, I wondered what in the world could inspire someone to sell the picture!?!  Well for $1.50 you can buy a pdf file that includes the lovely picture AND a one of a kind recipe you won’t find anywhere on the internet.  Really.  Of course you can’t preview the recipe, you must pay the $1.50 to see it, so I have no idea what recipe this woman used.  Probably the other woman’s recipe, as she also stole a second picture from that woman’s blog.

The eBay woman has a face and an email address but I have no interest in causing further trouble.  She’s sold 4 copies so far and I feel bad for those people who probably don’t know they’ve been fooled.  I could also report it to eBay but really, would they even care?  I don’t want to find out they are uninterested in stopping their seller, it would make me so mad.

I don’t want to invest any more time in feeling bad, mad or sad because someone deliberately used my picture for uses other than my own recipe.  I just wanted to vent.  Thanks for listening.  Now go make that recipe, it really is as lusciously delicious as it looks in the now famous picture.  Minus the Grands and frozen tater tots.

P.S. If anyone steals my trademark tiara and rubber scraper logo, I will hunt them down.  I spent a LOT of time creating that pixel by pixel.  Seriously.Tiara Logo

18 thoughts on “My Bundt Picture is Famous

  1. I disagree about not pursuing these thieves. It is not easy to make a living from the internet and you may need to or want to some day. They are cashing in on your creativity and good name. Unfortunately.getting legal help for a cease and desist letter is in order if you want these thefts to stop.


  2. Wow that is ridiculous! I wonder about this a lot actually – what I would do and what my rights are if someone stole my picture. I take all my own pictures with my DSRL and do not watermark any of them but am starting to think I should. I saw someone steal one of my pictures and share it like their own on their instagram the other day and I was quite shocked to see it for the first time, and I was irritated for sure. The persons following was small and nothing was really happening on the post, so I decided to let it go but was still irritated that someone would steal my work. Very sorry this happened to you, but you should be flattered it is doing so well πŸ™‚


      • I have a few apps I use. The one I like the best is called “Word Swag”. I do a lot of photo editing on my phone. You just log into the app and type the text you want, and it gives you options for color, font, etc. It saves the text on the photo, then I use my WordPress app on my phone to upload. So it is a little bit of a painstaking process, but it would put your name on your photos to help deter people from doing this. This of course still wouldn’t stop people from cropping your name off, but it sure would make them look silly if they did and you called them out on it.

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  3. That’s terrible! This happened to me before (on WORDPRESS, none the less) but I didn’t get the clicks like you did. I commented asking them to take it down and they did, shockingly. Sorry you had to go through this.

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  4. Humanity. You’re wise to let it go. I love your approach to blogging–it’s genuine and comes from a good place–to share without material benefit. And gosh darnit, you’re a really awesome cook and innovator! πŸ‘‘

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