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My P.S. Makes Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwiches by my P.S.

Breakfast Sandwiches by my P.S.

It’s been over a year since my P.S. has appeared on my blog!  He does cook for us occasionally here at the castle but it’s usually a  grilled chicken or steak with potatoes and a veg meal.  More often he makes us breakfast on Sundays which again is a fairly limited scope of pancakes or his favorite, French toast.  This particular morning he made us a meal of breakfast sandwiches and hash browns.  We stuffed ourselves!

He started by frying sausage patties that were precooked and frozen.  I pointed out that they were easily microwaved but he wanted to fry them to remove any excess grease.  Again I suggested he place them on paper towels while microwaving, to absorb the grease.  His frowned at me and I wisely shut up.  Fair enough; I cook my way, I should allow him to cook his own way.  Even though it was tediously longer.  Heh.

In a separate skillet he placed a couple of handfuls of frozen hash browns.  He’s big on hash browns and will make them often for himself in the mornings before work.  I usually don’t eat them even when they’re part of an omelet combo at a restaurant.  I don’t like my potatoes fried much but I would eat them this day.  Because he was being nice enough to make me food.  I’m ever so grateful.

I did suggest he add some diced onion and sweet bell peppers, both being chopped and frozen in zippered bags in the freezer.  With a happy “hmm!” he added them to the skillet of potatoes and stirred.  He does sometimes appreciate advice.  Just sometimes.

As the deluxe hash browns fried, he toasted and buttered the English muffins for our sandwiches and added a slice of American cheese to each.

In the skillet where he’d fried the sausage patties, he cracked eggs into the pan and fried them.  I said yes when he asked if I wanted my egg yolks firm.  Having them runny is nice on toast but in a sandwich I didn’t want them running down my shirt front.  He placed the fried eggs on the sandwiches and closed the top.

My P.S. served us each two sandwiches and a pile of hash browns.  It looked like way more food than I usually eat at any meal, but we were hungry that morning.  We must have eaten an early dinner the previous evening or something.

Breakfast Sandwiches by my P.S.

Breakfast Sandwiches by my P.S.

The sandwiches were delicious- even better than the ones at the fast food places I sometimes patronize.  The hash browns were nicely browned and seasoned with the onions and peppers.  It was a great breakfast I didn’t even have to make!  Although I had to clean the kitchen later… it was a small price to pay for being served.Tiara Logo

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