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Happy Halloween!

Jack O Lantern Mac N Cheese Jack O Lantern Mac N Cheese

The drafts area of my blog has been piling up as this cold/virus/flu/bug has taken away my will to be productive.  I haven’t even eaten much for almost 4 weeks.  The few things I’ve managed to make and photograph will eventually be posted and all will be right with the world again.  In the meantime I am posting a recipe I made last Sunday for my grandson’s birthday.  Casey is our Halloween child, born on October 31st!

Halloween Birthday Boy Casey Halloween Birthday Boy Casey

I catered food to my son’s house for the early birthday party, inviting my in-laws and cousin to celebrate with us.  I don’t know how I did it, I truly was dizzy and coughing and wanting to curl up and nap instead of cooking.  But I planned simple foods that Casey, aged 7 now, loves.  We had 2 kinds of egg salad on buns and macaroni and cheese.  For dessert I made both chocolate and vanilla cheesecake in jars.

Brother Grady (3) said Brother Grady (3) said “This is GOOD, Grandma!” when eating the cheesecake in a jar.

The egg salad was the only thing that almost sent me back to the couch and my quilt.  I boiled 31 eggs using my usual tried and true method but the darn things didn’t want to let go of their shells!!  I think I didn’t get them shocked in cold water fast enough.  After 2 eggs made me use words you wouldn’t use around a child, I put the whole mess of them into the fridge for several hours.  Worked like a charm.  Peeled easily after that.

Jack O Lantern Mac N Cheese Jack O Lantern Mac N Cheese

I mashed the eggs and divided them into two containers.  The next day I mashed two ripe avocados and added them to one container then added mayo, salt and pepper to each container and mixed.  Total cuteness!  Green egg salad for a spooky and slightly disturbing change!  I added a few dashes of cayenne pepper to the green mixture for a touch of heat.

Little Oliver (5 mos) watches brother Hunter (14) wait for dessert. Little Oliver (5 mos) watches brother Hunter (14) wait for dessert.

Spread on Sara Lee Sweet Hawaiian Buns, the sandwiches were a hit!  They might have been even better had I laid out the baby spinach I’d brought along for those who wanted to add extra color and flavor to their buns.  It remained in the cooler, however, forgotten and forlorn.  Sigh.  I blame the cold/virus/flu/bug for that.

Another hit of the party was my totally random mac and cheese.  For the kids’ benefit, I made it with elbow macaroni because… well kids think that’s the real thing unless it’s the smaller elbow mac used in the blue boxed mac n cheese.  I had made a dish with elbow mac and had half a box of cooked pasta in the fridge.  I simply made two more boxes of it and combined it in a large bowl after it was drained.

Crockpot of Mac N Cheese Crockpot of Mac N Cheese

For the cheese sauce I used about 4 cups of milk, heated in a large nonstick skillet.  I added a box of Velveeta, cut into cubes, and melted over medium low heat.  I also added 2 cups of shredded cheddar and 2 cups of shredded gouda.  It’s a great combination with lots of cheesy flavor and a nice light orange color.  I added the cheese sauce to the elbow macaroni, salted to taste, and poured it into a crockpot I’d lined with one of those handy crockpot liners.  Simple!

Jack O Lantern Mac N Cheese Jack O Lantern Mac N Cheese

But the fun part was how I served the mac and cheese.  I had saved a pin on Pinterest that showed mac n cheese served in a clear cup with jack o lanterns drawn on them.  They stuck a piece of celery in the center as the top of the pumpkin and it was cute as can be!  With my shaky hands I drew pumpkin faces on a dozen cups and at the party used a spoon to fill each one as the food was served.  The kids as well as the adults thought it was a fun way to eat.  Many had seconds!

Sister Bella (10) Sister Bella (10)

Our party was a success, the birthday boy enjoyed his food, guests and presents of course!  Grandma went home and crawled back under her quilt.  Grandkids are the BEST, except when they give you their germs that slows you down for several weeks!

Halloween Birthday Boy Casey Halloween Birthday Boy Casey

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  1. Ugh… Sorry to hear you’ve been sick 😦 The party looked like a hit though! I love the macaroni in a cup. I will have to try that next year! We had spaghetti for lunch and a Halloween shaped grilled cheese is for dinner! Excited to see more soon. 🙂

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