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Long John Thoughts

Long Johns for Breakfast Long Johns for Breakfast

My Monday mornings are usually groaners. I adore my grandchildren but getting up at 6 am to drive over and babysit them is a bit evil. This morning, as I often do on Mondays, I did a quick stop at the grocery store on the way and bought a long john. Ok I bought two. It was a long weekend. So as the kids still sleep I wonder at the origin of long johns and think about the past weekend.

I visited my Dad in central Minnesota for Fathers Day. It rained and stormed a lot between sunny spells all weekend. Someone in church Sunday morning said they got over 2 inches of rain the previous night.

It was a 4 hour thunderstorm from 11 pm to 3 am that woke me often. One of those rare storms that had constant thunder and so much lightening I saw it through my eyelids. Much caffeine was necessary for the 4 hour drive back home Sunday afternoon due to the often interrupted night of sleep.But the trip was worth it to celebrate with my Dad. His birthday was also on Friday. I arrived early to go out to dinner with him. He decided not to be in the picture, and took a picture of me at Timbers.

Happy 85th Birthday to Dad! Happy 85th Birthday to Dad!

There at the restaurant I had my usual walleye, this time in a sandwich. I like to fit a walleye meal in when traveling in Minnesota. It reminds me of summers growing up there and the many, many years of fishing for walleye. We caught northern as well, but I still like walleye best. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of my meal. I almost always do!

My sister Dawn and her son Sawyer arrived late Friday evening and she joined us for drinks. Dad was trying one of my favorite Sam Adams beers, cherry wheat. Yeah I know it doesn’t taste like a real beer. But I like it. Cherry wheat is hard to find; I’d found it by happy accident when I stopped at a bottle shop on north Fargo on my way to Dad’s. I picked him up a 6 pack of one of his favorites, Hacker Pschorr. My Sam Adams was a bonus find.

Watermelonrita Watermelonrita

But I was drinking watermelonrita Friday night. Dad thinks it’s funny to buy one of those tall cans and see if I can drink it. As I don’t drink often usually I get a serious buzz and sleep really well that night! The watermelon one didn’t taste very much like watermelon. I prefer the limearita I stock at home or the peach one dad usually buys.

Sitting with our drinks and chatting away my dad decided he’d like to try the Suffering Bastard, one of my latest beverage posts. After dinner in Brainerd the next evening at Maddens Resort (their Mission Point restaurant was fine dining at its best!) we found a bottle shop and bought the makings for the Bastards.

Suffering Bastards Suffering Bastards

Dad and Dawn totally loved the drinks. The ginger beer, lime and bitters make it a nice zingy drink. It isn’t sweet, it’s more sour. Dawn said it creates a desire for salty snacks for her and we laughed. She made up a plate of sliced cheeses and meats and stuff for us to nibble on. Of course we added chips and crackers to the mix and even some sugar snap peas. Dad and Dawn had two Suffering Bastards. I had one then finished the watermelonrita can I’d started the previous night.

Father's Day Father’s Day

Sunday after church we drove to a restaurant I love in nearby Verndale. The serve bourbon battered onion rings. No kidding. They rock! On Sundays the have a breakfast buffet. I’ve not been there for that before but I think they glammed it up for Fathers Day. So many different potatoes and meats besides all of the fruits and pastries and desserts! Not to mention the huge salad bar, selection of breakfast foods (eggs Benedict, my favorite!). Did I mention the carved up hams and prime rib?

Father's Day Father’s Day

Oh my goodness. All that food was also part of the reason I required caffeine to stay awake on the trip home. I wanted a long nap in the worst way! I tried a new Starbucks coffee in a can and I did stay awake the whole trip. I had two cans of the Doubleshot Energy and sang along to an 80s Rock channel as I drove.

Oliver (13 mos) Oliver (13 mos)

I had most of a can left over and added ice to it this morning to drink with my long john. Life is good. But the littlest little is awake and joining me with his morning juice. Time for grandma to play!

Oh, I never did figure out who created long johns. But thank you to whoever it was!

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