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Nutty Bird Sandwich

My favorite sandwich of all time is the Nutty Bird.  Sliced turkey, alfalfa sprouts, provolone cheese, and cream cheese sprinkled with sunflower seeds is layered on a croissant.. summer food at its finest.  It is pure summer satisfaction.  You could it eat year roundoff course but to me it is the epitome of warm weather dining.  So WHY do I only remember to make these every 5 years?  It’s our Forgotten Sandwich!.

It’s an amazing sandwich but can rarely be found in a restaurant and if I should happen upon it, it’s definitely in the warmer months.  So I usually have to make it at home for a nice change from the more humble sandwiches.  The Nutty Bird, with alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seeds has a special touch of flavor in each bite.  You must plan ahead for the meal unless you are creative and stock all of the ingredients regularly.  I don’t stock any of them, which might explain how rarely we eat the Nutty Bird.

I buy a bag of sunflower seeds for this sandwich and afterwards it usually sits in the fridge and goes stale until I’m doing a thorough fridge purge and they’re tossed.  I think the stores should sell smaller bags of seeds.  Or maybe I should find more recipes to use the seeds?  Hmm.

Years ago when I was younger and way more energetic I grew my own alfalfa seeds.  I had a handy Tupperware container that was designed to hold the seeds.  It had a mesh screen so I could water the seeds daily and they grew like crazy.  We used them in  all kinds of sandwiches and salads and were all cool like that.  I have no idea where that container ended up.  Probably down in Tupperware Hell (the basement) where I have boxes of handy Tupperware things I no longer remember to use handily.

But recently I had a retro brain flash and wanted a Nutty Bird sandwich.  This was pre-virus so I popped off to the store for ingredients and made them happen for supper. I wish I could do that today but I’m still practicing safe sheltering and avoiding the stores unless we really need supplies.

I came home after having to hit up two stores in search of large croissants.  They’re not always available in our grocery stores but good old Walmart usually has a good variety.  I sliced up the croissants and spread whipped cream cheese on each side.    The whipped kind is best, softest, and holds onto the sunflower seeds.  I sprinkle them over the cream cheese next. Add a lot, they’re my favorite part.

Layering on the sliced turkey is the next step.  Ideally this sandwich is better with real roasted turkey, thinly sliced right off the roasted beast.  Deli meat will do if you buy a good brand that’s really turkey and not all weird and slippery mostly fake stuff.  The good stuff usually says it’s carved from the turkey, something like that.

My choice of cheese for the sandwich is sliced provolone.  You could use whatever you prefer.  Swiss is also good.  I guess I like a white cheese to stick with a white theme here.  I’m odd like that sometimes.

Finally it’s tie to pile up a handful of alfalfa sprouts.  They’re going to smash down so do your best with a good mountain of the seedy tendrils.  I try to use them all up in the one meal because they’re going to sit and go bad in the fridge if not eaten.  Like the sunflower seeds.

The Nutty Bird is done!  Add a side salad or some chips and dig in!  Soooo satisfying with the little salty crunchy bits of sunflower seeds, the tang of the cream cheese and the green flavor of the sprouts.  It’s delicious and fun on all sorts of levels!  And honestly, it’s fast to make once you get the ingredients.  If you’ve never tried one, it’s time to start enjoying this mostly forgotten sandwich experience!

Nutty Bird - The Forgotten Sandwich

A sandwich with so many flavors you'll want to remember it!

  • Croissants
  • Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Sliced Roast Turkey (roast your own or buy a good brand)
  • Slices of Provolone, Swiss or cheese of choice
  • Alfalfa Sprouts

Slioce the croissants in half and spread each half with cream cheese.

Sprinkle seeds over the cream cheese on each side..

Layer sliced turkey and cheese on the bottom half of the croissant.

Pile up alfalfa sprouts on the sliced chese. Place top half on sandwich and eat!


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