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Cheesy Tradition

Every year during the Christmas holidays there’s a tradition in our castle. It involves Kraft Roka Blue, a cheese spread that cones in a little glass jar. I’ve previously posted the cheeseball recipe and how Kraft does not always make the spread widely available. It’s seasonal, but not always available in our area. It’s frustrating because we LIOVE this cheeseball and don’t have a backup plan.


So when my P.S. sent me a photo by text yesterday, I almost cried. He’s a bread man, as I’ve mentioned, so is often my lookout for hard to find items. And this year, with all of the gloom and doom in our lives, Kraft decided to give us a break. It’s almost raining Roka Blue in the local grocery stores! Merry Freaking Christmas! (Or whatever holiday you celebrate!)

I was so happy I texted both of our kids the picture and we all electronically rejoiced our small measure of good fortune in 2020. Mom’s Cheeseball would be a thing! Actually many things, because I planned to buy at least 4 jars. Maybe 6. And the jars of Kraft Old English spread also needed for the recipe.

We haven’t decided how we will celebrate the upcoming holidays yet. The CDC warns that even small family gatherings are dangerous so we are still weighing our options. Being apart one year isn’t going to destroy us in the scheme of things. We’ll see. It could be a Merry Zoom Christmas.

But hey, as long as we have our cheeseball and boxes of crackers (Wheat Thins and Triscuit!) and a glass of Christmas veer to wash it down, we’ll be happy.

But I want to send a HUGE shout-out to Kraft for giving us the Roka Blue thus year, during the pandemic. We so needed it this year, of all years. Bless your hearts and pass the crackers, please! I’ll pour some more wine.

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