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Dried Beef Cheeseball

Dried beef isn’t something I ever had as a kid. Our beef was purchased a half at a time, nothing dried. My P.S. had it as a kid, often as SOS: chopped and creamed on toast. They were military people, perhaps that was common to their culture. I loved it the first time my MIL made it for us. She sent a jar hone with us and so I had to also learn how to make gravy.

Seeing this recipe where dried beef is chopped into a cheeseball and eaten with bits of bagels was another eye opener. A pleasant one that I wanted to savor! I imagined my mom making this cheeseball as an appetizer back in the 60s when they played cards With friends on Saturday nights.

I had my P.S. (pantry Supplier/ hubby bring home dried beef and set to making the cheeseball .

It’s an easy measure and dump recipe for the most part.  I chopped up an orange sweet bell pepper and added it to the bowl of my food processor.

I chopped up some green onion and added that as well.

I chopped up the dried beef and added it and the rest of the ingredients into my food processor an pulsed.

You still want pieces for texture, don’t pulse it too mulch.

Once mixed I stored it wrapped in plastic in a covered container for several hours

I had plenty of plain bagels, the suggested way to eat. But I also had plenty of crackers that were faster to place in a bowl.

Yum! This was a great appetizer! My O.S. Was quick to comment several times on the now high price or dried beef. That still amazes him. But it was a very good tasting Cheeseball. The leftovers disappeared over several days. We would love to make this one of our holiday traditions.

Retro 10cheeseball: creamy spread for crackers or toast!

– 16 oz cream cheese, softened
– 8 oz package of chipped beef, finely chopped
– 1/2 cup diced green onions
– 1/2 cup red sweet bell pepper; chopped
– 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
– 2 tablespoons Worcestershire
– 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
– bagels, crackers, bread for dippng

Place all ingredients into a medium bowl and mix together.

Form mixture into a ball and wrap in plastic wrap.

Chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

Unwrap, plate and serve with bagels, crackers, vegetables, or sliced bread.

2 thoughts on “Dried Beef Cheeseball

  1. Hi Audrey! I grew up eating chipped beef on toast. And still make it occasionally. But I rinse it off before putting it in my gravy otherwise it’s too salty. Did you rinse yours? Do you recommend not rinsing it? Thanks! This looks like a very yummy treat!

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