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About Lady Melady

Hi!  My name is Audrey and I love to cook for my P.S. (Pantry Supplier/hubby) and myself in my spare time. We have two grown, married children who both also love to cook. Our son and his wife have made us grandparents to 4 lovely children.  Our daughter and her hubby are still thinking about it.

Our Family

Scott, Audrey, Emily, Nick, Justin, Karyn. Front row: Hunter, Bella, Casey

Hosting large family meals on holidays and birthdays is one of the best parts of being a mother and grandmother. I love to try out new recipes as well as make our traditional favorites.  I enjoyed cooking with my kids as they grew up and it’s fun to be able to pass on recipes for them to cook with their new families through a blog,

I used ‘Lady Melady’ for my blog because Melady is the nickname I use in programs on the internet.  It seemed like a more interesting theme and yes, I am the princess of my own castle when I’m at home.  I do actually own a tiara and invoke the Power of the Tiara at times.  Not really, I’m totally joking.  But I do own that tiara.

I taught myself to cook when I went off to college at 18.  I had to guess at how to boil water because my Mom preferred her 5 kids to stay out of the kitchen while she cooked. As a new wife there were a few years of frantic phone calls for favorite recipes and tips from Mom.  My Mom really is an excellent cook.  I collected her recipes and recipes I cut out of magazines onto little index cards and shoved them into boxes for years.  Sometimes I even made the recipes.

Once the internet was invented and I got my first computer in the winter of 1997, I had a goal to get my messy recipe collection entered into a program where I could find them easily.  I set up a computer in a corner of my kitchen but didn’t actually complete that goal until a full five years later, From there the hobby grew. Four computers later, the program stores my recipes in the same kitchen corner, even though I more often use my laptop in the living room in the evenings while I listen to my tv programs.

My hubby Scott, whom I call my P.S. because he loves to shop and really is my Personal Shopper, does the bulk of the household shopping.  He is also in the grocery stores daily in relation to his work, so he’s closer to the food.. This means a sometimes unusual combination of foods in our cupboards and fridge.  Often the items were on sale or he found them  interesting at the time.  Or maybe he was just hungry and the food item looked good.   It is hard to explain why we have 4 different kinds of paprika, 7 kinds of vinegar and 8 kinds of oil.  He does like to buy the more eclectic types of foods and spices!

At times my P.S. (Princely Spouse) even cooks for us.  He makes great meals when he’s in the mood.  He’s mostly a meat, potato and veg kind of guy, but I’m happy when I don’t have to cook after a long day of work.  He does all of our outdoor grilling and does that very well.  I will occasionally post one of my P.S.’s recipes when he has been more creative in making a meal.

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  1. Good morrow, My Lady! Thou hast vexed me with such culinary delights I can hardly bare. You and your PS have rocked your blog, girl. Thank you for stopping by mine; it began a delightful tour around WordPress this morning.

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  2. Thank you for liking my post “Teenage Mutant Zucchini Squash” on OUR RETIRED LIFE.
    You have some intersting post. I think I will stop by again to read a few.


  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog — I’m delighted that you came by, and I hope you’ll come again soon! I’m also delighted to have found your blog! Looking forward to perusing through your delicious recipes!
    ~ Anna

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    • You made me laugh over the burnt spaghetti. Although it was unfortunate, I’ve done it a few times myself. Blogging away and “sniff, sniff”.. oh oh! I’ve had to re-sauté onions a few times! Nice to meet you!

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    • Oh for neat, I didn’t realize I was the first to follow you! You always have such great looking food, and I enjoy reading your blog. I’m honored for the nomination and will check it out soon. Thank you!

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  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post for Broccoli Soup. I blog mostly for my daughter, since she moved far from home and I don’t get to see her often. You have lots of yummy recipes on your blog so I think I’ll send her over.


    • Thank you! You Apple Slump made using Louisa May Alcott’s recipe looks SO good! It looks like an easy way to use the abundance of apples we have this time of year. I’m eager to try it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!

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  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the like!!

    Enjoying looking through your recipes. I put up one every now and then – Thanksgiving will be a big day for my recipe section. I cook for about 40 people – blog posts will follow!!


    • Thank you for stopping by in return! Your blog was fascinating. The soup picture drew me in and I loved scrolling through your photographs. I admire your talent and writing style as well!


  7. Hello Melady – thanks for liking one of the posts on my blog – and for posting some delicious recipes I can’t wait to try…love being exposed to new options! Thank you!


  8. Thanks for this. You made me smile with your comments about learning to cook when you went off to college. I thought I had “learned to cook” in college, but looking back, it was still just simply pulling things mostly out of packages. A few years later, I got a”How to Cook Everything”cookbook as a gift, and my roommate and I set off to teach ourselves to cook. We would pick a recipe or two every week to cook together. Fun times! Your blog is fun and I appreciate the spectrum of new ingredients you share.


    • Thanks for the comments! What a fun way to learn, choosing new recipes with a friend! My sister Linda and I do that on girls weekends sometimes. It seems less intimidating to have a pal to celebrate with or help take the blame!


  9. Melady is very lucky with children like us! We ate everything. Well, I inhaled food and my brother shoveled it in, habits we still hold to this day. Mom, thanks for sharing the recipes from a distance, it’s so much easier than driving back and forth. But then again, less leftovers for me to snag.


    • I’m always looking for fellow soup makers. I’m an incurable sipper! And cauliflower can be so different in each recipe. You’re welcome and thanks for visiting!


    • Your soup looked SO good! Leftovers and red bell peppers caught my eye and hooked me. I’d blog about soup every day if I wasn’t afraid of boring people. It’s a hard subject to blog with pictures since you just keep throwing things in that disappear under the broth!

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • I know what you mean, but I do prefer a soft and creamy soup over a chunky one. The toppings make it into a nice picture most of the time.
        It is just the simplicity of the dish in general which attracts me, and the fact that it is such good comfort at times!


    • I’m horribly slow at replying, I apologize for that! Your recipes looked great and I finally thought to follow you so I could see more regularly. You’re welcome and thank YOU!


  10. What a great story! I too have always loved the creative side of cooking! One of my favorite birthday party memories with my own children was when I let the kids (the entire PARTY FULL OF KIDS) bake and DECORATE THE CAKE!! It was a hoot—messy but wonderful!! Keep cooking and enjoying life! Thanks for liking my chocolate blog!


    • I had to laugh, I did a foolish thing one year letting my son decorate his own with blue frosting. Not my best idea. He was a Cookie Monster until the blue wore off. Thank goodness for swimming pools and summer. Stop by again sometime!

      Sorry for the slow reply. I finally found this page where people were commenting. I kept seeing the emails, but not where they were on the blog until just now. Call me a newbie! Eeek!


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