Chewy Brown Sugar Brown Ale Cookies

Chewy Brown Sugar Brown Ale Cookies

Chewy Brown Sugar Brown Ale Cookies

These cookies were expensive!  Let’s start with the fact that the recipe called for 1/3 cup American brown ale, which I don’t drink.  I’m not even a beer person, so these cookies were a treat for my P.S. (Princely Spouse).  Then when we stopped at the liquor store to buy ale, I could only get it in a 6 pack, for $11.99.  That’s a bit crazy for 12 cookies. I’d have tripled the recipe had I known.
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Nadia’s Suffering Bastard

Suffering Bastard

My P.S. and I were out for breakfast the other day and the subject of cocktails came up.  Although it was way too early to drink one (I don’t think it was 5:00 anywhere) we were thinking about new ideas. We have a good collection in our liquor cabinet that we rarely think to use.  We’re more likely to grab a beer or open a bottle of wine when we want to indulge.  I mentioned some drink recipes on Pinterest that looked good. Continue reading