French Dip Squares

Although I’ve been mostly avoiding Facebook until after the elections because it makes my brain bleed, I do look for jokes, memes and recipes occasionally. I saw a video of this recipe and gasped. I actually had 2 cans of crescent roll dough and a roast in the fridge. My roast was moose but it’s so similar to beef you wouldn’t notice the difference. I even had provolone! Continue reading

Taco Salad Bowl

It was a “ bunch of chopped bits” kind of evening meal. I had planned to make taco salad for dinner and make a fresh fruit salad as a side dish. Wow was that was a lot of cleaning and chopping! Was it worth it? Probably.. but next time I’ll plan the meal on a day I didn’t spend 10 hours with the 5 grandkids! Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day Guinness Stew

Guinness Stew

Guinness Stew

St Patrick’s Day is later this week and we started celebrating early in the castle. I had beef and vegetables on hand to make a pot of stew and my P.S. (Purchaser of Spirits) had a bottle of Guinness on hand. “Booze stew!” we gasped, our eyes wide in excitement. This was not our first attempt at making stew with a beer. We’d made an Oktoberfest Stew a few years ago. A German version instead of Irish. Continue reading