Cinnamon Chex Snack Mix

i like any of the snack mixes made with Rice Chex or Corn Chex. Chex even makes and sells some great combinations themselves now. i saw this recipe for a toasted cinnamon snack mix and couldn’t resist. It’s nice to have these around during the holidays to munch on when we’re okaying games and drinking beverages. Continue reading

Puppy Chow

There are three sweets we make with cereal; Peanut Butter Rice Krispies BarsSpecial K Bars, and Puppy Chow.  Guess who’s forgotten to add Puppy Chow to their blog of family favorites?  Yes, that would be me.  I didn’t realize I hadn’t covered it.  The cereal.  With chocolate.  And powdered sugar.  Very simple to make!
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Chex Scotcheroos

Chex Scotcharoos

Chex Scotcharoos

Special K bars are one of our family favorites.  They are so easy to make I have the recipe memorized!  When I saw this recipe for pretty much the same bars, using Chex cereal, I was curious.  I wondered what the larger pieces of cereal would do to the flavors of the bars.  And with more chips and peanut butter in the frosting, how would that change our traditional bars?  I bought Chex to find out! Continue reading