Coconut Oil Blueberry Cake

Blueberry Coconut Oil Cake

Blueberry Coconut Oil Cake

I’ve been wanting to try baking an olive oil or coconut oil cake.  They look so deliciously rich.  I had a few pints of blueberries and wanted to make a cake to nibble on for a few days.  I knew blueberries must fit into one of the recipes.. I was thrilled to find a recipe adapted from another recipe and decided to adapt them yet again.  Just a little bit. Continue reading

Blueberry Croissant Pan Danish

Blueberry Croissant BakeThis recipe was originally called Blueberry Puff, but I don’t see where the puff is. It did raise up a little while baking, but settled back down and is decidedly unpuffy. I think a much more apt name would be Blueberry Pan Danish. It’s like a giant blueberry and cheese Danish in a 9×13 pan. Continue reading

Cinnamon Roll Cake {Pumpkin!}

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cake

Pumpkin pie used to be the only thing I made with pumpkin. Then I discovered pumpkin soup, and that rocked. Now I’ll try most any recipe that includes pumpkin. I loved the cinnamon roll cake recipe I made a few months ago so much I decided to make a pumpkin version. Pumpkin roll cake was going to dance out of my oven! Continue reading