Hawaiian Grill-wiches {with Goat Cheese}

Ham Pineapple Goat Cheese Grill-wich

Ham Pineapple Goat Cheese Grill-wich | Lady Melady: My Castle, My Food

I wanted a grilled sandwich! We had a lot of ham left in the fridge and that was a good start.  Combined with some crushed pineapple and a chunk of goat cheese I’ve been trying to work into a dish they sounded like a Hawaiian Grill-wich begging to be made.  Crisped up on a flat griddle, they would be fabulously delicious! Continue reading

Drunken Joes

Drunken JoesI hadn’t made sloppy joes for many, many years, and even back then we weren’t huge fans. Recently I bought buns that I thought would work great cut from the top and stuffed with something good and messy. I thawed extra lean ground beef to make an adult version of the traditional sloppy joe. Maybe one with a glug of bourbon? Woot woot! Continue reading

Kangaroo Pocket Panini {with Turkey}

Turkey Kangaroo Pocket PaniniPanini are the new black at our house. We have tried so many variations I hesitate to even post another one. I’m trying to only post ones that are very different to avoid making you run screaming from each post. But this one is the one where I admit I finally read the booklet that came with my super duper Panini press. I was making them wrong. Continue reading