Rustic Kalamata Havarti Panini

Kalamata Havarti Panini

After extensive research, I finally bought a Panini press! I bought a Cuisinart Panini Griddler model GR-4N. The first night I made a simple cheese Panini to go with our bowls of Ham and Bean Soup. I didn’t want to look for recipes, I wanted crispy goodness NOW! Continue reading

Cheesy Pickle Egg Rolls {a la The Toasted Frog}

Cheesy Pickle Eggrolls

Cheesy Pickle Eggrolls

We have a cute little restaurant here up North that is more fine dining than regular feeding trough.  They have an appetizer they call fried cheesy pickles that is quite popular.  It’s basically a dill pickle spear and a slice of havarti, wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and deep fried.  Dipped in a sauce, it is heavenly. Continue reading