Marinated Shrimp and Olives

I love shrimp and I love olives. It seemed like a natural combination when I saw this recipe. I’d planned to serve it at a small family gathering but that didn’t work out. So I decided to make a smaller batch for me. Why not treat myself? I did have a whole lot of frozen shrimp I needed to start using. Marinating the shrimp sounded fun and delicious. Continue reading

Root Beer Marinade

My friend Julie at A Solitary Feast posted a recipe recently that intrigued me. It was a root beer marinade for chicken and it looked all sorts of delicious! I adore root beer and I had to buy root beer and some chicken.  Buying groceries was a challenge. I hadn’t been shopping since the virus hit and frankly I was petrified. My P.S. is a bread man and does most of our shopping. I’d rather give him a list and let him deal with the possible germs. Continue reading

The Best Ever Grilled Chicken Marinade {My P.S. Cooks}


Best Ever Chicken Marinade

Best Ever Chicken Marinade

This post should be called ‘The Chicken Drumsticks That Wouldn’t Thaw’.  Two days after I removed the drumsticks from the freezer and placed them in the fridge, they were still icy.  Ditto the third day AND the fourth!  Princely Spouse said they shouldn’t be in a container with other frozen meats, they were keeping each other very cold.  Once they were separated they began to thaw and Day 5 we finally were able to grill them. Continue reading