Meat Lovers Pizza Soup {Our 6th Anniversary!}

Meat Lovers Pizza Soup Meat Lovers Pizza Soup

Six years old! I was amazed when I saw I had reached 1,000 followers a few months back, and the number keeps climbing. What a cool bunch of people you are, to follow my blog and read my recipes! Over the past 6 years I’ve posted 869 recipes and I still enjoy sharing my ideas. I’ve only accidentally repeated a recipe a couple of times..  My memory is perhaps not as strong as my creative streak! Continue reading

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Salad

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Salad

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Salad

In my never-ending search for tasty pasta salads, I found an idea for a pizza salad.  There were dozens of recipes but I thought I’d be brave and go it alone.  I had definite visions in my head, aided by the tiny pepperoni I found in the grocery store.  It was so CUTE!  I’m not even particularly fond of pepperoni, but these jumped into my cart and came home with me to help me make my new salad. Continue reading

A Bowl Full of Pasta

Pepperoni Bacon Broccoli Pasta

Time for another episode of Chopped, the home version. I had a lazy day and hadn’t planned dinner so I thought I’d take my chances, open the fridge and see what jumped out at me. There were a few things that had almost grown legs to really jump out at me, so those furry little beasts were routed into the trashcan. Dinner would be what remained edible. Continue reading