Ranger Cookies

A local grocery store chain used to offer ranger cookies in their bakeries. I was a regular customer and possibly their biggest fan. I loved those crispy but chewy cookies. I always meant to figure out what was n them and duplicate them but never did. Then they stopped making them. Ahhhhh! The cookie world as I knew it ended! Continue reading

Creamy Cheeseburger Soup

Cheeseburgers are popular here in the castle. We prefer them grilled outdoors but that is limited to the few months that aren’t snow covered here Up North. I wondered if we couldn’t grill a bunch of burgers and freeze them. We could chop a few up and make a cheeseburger soup with grilled taste even in winter! Continue reading

Old Fashioned Fudge

I wanted to make fudge but didn’t have a jar of marshmallow fluff. I don’t usually buy it until I’m going to actually make fudge. But this was an unplanned fudge foray and I thought surely someone makes it with marshmallows, the answer was yes, and it was the “old fashioned” way. Here’s to old times, when my traditional fudge recipe didn’t require jars. Continue reading