Cheesy Tradition

Every year during the Christmas holidays there’s a tradition in our castle. It involves Kraft Roka Blue, a cheese spread that cones in a little glass jar. I’ve previously posted the cheeseball recipe and how Kraft does not always make the spread widely available. It’s seasonal, but not always available in our area. It’s frustrating because we LIOVE this cheeseball and don’t have a backup plan. Continue reading

Peach Whip

I needed a gluten free dessert recently and that’s not as easy as you’d think.  I wanted to use canned peaches in some way in a sort of creamy mixture.  Pudding wasn’t an option because the boxes of pudding I had all listed barley, another no-no for people who need to avoid gluten.  I decided to throw together a mixture of cream cheese and yogurt as the creamy base for my fruit dessert.  I either got lucky or was wise.  Probably the former. It was delicious. Lots of fruity goodness! Continue reading

French Dip Squares

Although I’ve been mostly avoiding Facebook until after the elections because it makes my brain bleed, I do look for jokes, memes and recipes occasionally. I saw a video of this recipe and gasped. I actually had 2 cans of crescent roll dough and a roast in the fridge. My roast was moose but it’s so similar to beef you wouldn’t notice the difference. I even had provolone! Continue reading