Beefy Shredded Cabbage Casserole

I had two bags of shredded cabbage to use and wasn’t in the mood for coleslaw or soup. Stir fry or casserole, my brain pondered. Casserole! I found a recipe that sounded just right and dinner was planned. I just had to thaw some ground beef fast in the microwave. Not a problem This deconstructed cabbage roll was going to happen! Continue reading

Cold Veggie Pizza

My absolute favorite summer food is cold veggie pizza. I’m not sure what the real name of this dish is and I’m not going to research it. Although it doesn’t have a pizza crust and the vegetables are raw, not baked, it will always be cold veggie pizza in our house. It’s a 40 year tradition, a family favorite of all ages.  It was a very popular dish in the 80s.  At least one person brought it to every church potluck. Continue reading

Jambalaya 3.0

Creole Jambalaya Creole Jambalaya

This jambalaya recipe was created by  combining a jambalaya recipe from my dear, late friend Wanda and a jambalaya recipe from my favorite (unfairly cancelled) show, The Chew.  The recipes are both from New Orleans residents, both with a Creole influence.  The Creole version contains tomatoes.  I can’t imagine jambalaya without tomatoes and have always included them. Continue reading