Nutty Bird Sandwich

My favorite sandwich of all time is the Nutty Bird.  Sliced turkey, alfalfa sprouts, provolone cheese, and cream cheese sprinkled with sunflower seeds is layered on a croissant.. summer food at its finest.  It is pure summer satisfaction.  You could it eat year roundoff course but to me it is the epitome of warm weather dining.  So WHY do I only remember to make these every 5 years?  It’s our Forgotten Sandwich!. Continue reading

Blooming Onion Hotdish

I think we’re probably all in the mode of using what is in our pantries and fridges at this point.  It reminded me of a post I wrote awhile back and never did publish.  The few pictures I did take weren’t very “pretty” so I was hesitant to make the recipe public.  But my attempt at using up an unusual leftover led to really tasty results. Continue reading

Turkey Stuffing and Broccoli Hotdish

Turkey, Broccoli Stuffing Hotdish

Turkey, Broccoli Stuffing Hotdish

Instead of all of the traditional dishes and side dishes for our Christmas buffet I tried quite a few new ones.  We celebrated the holiday on Christmas Day instead of Christmas Eve.  I had an extra day to prepare foods ahead of time and that was a relief.  We had several frozen turkeys in the freezer and I wanted to use one for a cozy casserole-type dish.  It would be traditional in an informal way.
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