Greek Style Baked Cod

We love cod. Preferably with butter and lemon, but a bourbon sauce really tickles my tastebuds. When I found this recipe I was intrigued by the Greek” flavor profile. I’ve made cod with capers and found that very Mediterranean. I wondered if using a lit of garlic would do as well. I picked up some cod and decided to try it. Continue reading

Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

Some day I’m going to make tortellini. It’s like a folded version of ravioli that’s always filled with luscious flavors. For now I just bought a frozen bag of tortellini because this soup recipe looked so good. I could almost taste it with my eyes. Having bits of spinach in it was a big plus. Spinach is colorful AND tasty! Continue reading

10 Minute White Bean Soup

I’d been wanting to try this 10 minute soup for months but never had spinach on hand when I thought of making it.  And I thought a little ham added to the soup couldn’t be a bad thing.  Ham, beans, they’re a good pairing.  So finally I had all of the ingredients.  I even had fresh parsley, which is rare.  The soup was perfect for  a cool fall day begging for a hearty bowl of soup for dinner. Continue reading