Old Fashioned Fudge

I wanted to make fudge but didn’t have a jar of marshmallow fluff. I don’t usually buy it until I’m going to actually make fudge. But this was an unplanned fudge foray and I thought surely someone makes it with marshmallows, the answer was yes, and it was the “old fashioned” way. Here’s to old times, when my traditional fudge recipe didn’t require jars. Continue reading

Bloomin Onion Beef and Rice Casserole

My P.S. and I dined out at Texas Roadhouse the other night. I received a coupon for a free appetizer for my birthday, which was in June and they were closed due to the pandemic. I thought it was nice of them to note it and catch up at a later date. We looked at each other and were eager to order a cactus blossom (also called a blooming onion). It’s not only a great appetizer! Continue reading

Puppy Chow

There are three sweets we make with cereal; Peanut Butter Rice Krispies BarsSpecial K Bars, and Puppy Chow.  Guess who’s forgotten to add Puppy Chow to their blog of family favorites?  Yes, that would be me.  I didn’t realize I hadn’t covered it.  The cereal.  With chocolate.  And powdered sugar.  Very simple to make!
Continue reading