Cheesy Tradition

Every year during the Christmas holidays there’s a tradition in our castle. It involves Kraft Roka Blue, a cheese spread that cones in a little glass jar. I’ve previously posted the cheeseball recipe and how Kraft does not always make the spread widely available. It’s seasonal, but not always available in our area. It’s frustrating because we LIOVE this cheeseball and don’t have a backup plan. Continue reading

Cauliflower “Shrimp” Cocktail

I’d been wanting to revisit a post I did 6 years ago (6 years!) that transformed cauliflower into shrimp. It was so good I just couldn’t get over how much it actually tasted like shrimp.  I used almost the same recipe to boil raw shrimp for many years and this was a cheaper way to enjoy the same flavors.  It was time to enjoy it again while cauliflower was in season. Continue reading

Crispy Summer Squash Bites

Crispy Zucchini or Summer Squash Bites

Crispy Zucchini or Summer Squash Bites

With so many ways to use zucchini and summer squash in recipes, my favorite still has to be to simply bread slices with crumbs and make crispy bites of zucchini or summer squash goodness. Seasoned with some Italian spices and Parmesan, the squash bites are absolutely delicious dipped in a honey mustard sauce. Or whatever sauce floats your boat! Continue reading