Cold Asparagus Salad

I love asparagus. Hot or cold, it’s always a special treat. Around the holidays when it goes on sale I’m so there. My Dad used to love it as well. I taught him how to snap off the ends to remove the rubbery parts then fry it in a little butter or bacon grease until tender. Add salt and there’s your veg! My Dad ate asparagus several times a week in his last months. He was proud of having conquered making his favorite side dish. Continue reading

Fun with Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Asparagus Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Asparagus

We weren’t done with our fall spaghetti squash binges yet. My P.S. (Purchaser of Squash/ hubby) brought home another spaghetti squash and I went searching for recipes. I didn’t find what I wanted. I had fresh asparagus and mushrooms and some frozen sweet bell peppers I wanted to use along with some leftover rotisserie chicken breasts. It was going to be another version of Chopped in my kitchen! Continue reading

Warm Orange Asparagus Salad

Warm Asparagus Orange Salad

Warm Asparagus Orange Salad

The most interesting dishes are often created from bits and pieces from the fridge that need to be eaten.  I had some lovely asparagus and “pink” oranges and my thought was to make a warm salad.  I could imagine the slightly crispy asparagus coated with an orange sauce and tossed with freshly sliced pieces of orange.  I also had lemon, but the orange flavor was calling to me. Continue reading