Rice Krispies Bars with Peanut Butter

I wanted chocolate and peanut butter and to use up a few cups of Rice Krispies that I’d found in a recent search and destroy mission in my cupboards. I searched for a recipe on Pinterest and found just the one. It would also use up a bag of mini marshmallows I’d found on my cleaning mission. It was meant to be.. until I found I already had a post on Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Bars. Continue reading

Cherry Pie Filling Bars

I had two weeks off recently and decided to get my kitchen reorganized. By which I mean I went through all of the cupboards to see what I had on hand and what items were past their use by dates. I didn’t toss out as much as I had expected! But I did find two cans of cherry pie filling that were on code.  Time to find a way to use them up! Continue reading

Maraschino Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Maraschino Cherry Cheesecake BarsMy life hasn’t changed drastically due to our social distancing.  I still babysit my grandkids 3 days a week at my son’s house.  Instead of hanging out with the two little guys, aged 2 and 5, the other 3 grands aged 9, 12 and 16 are also home.  They sleep later and feed themselves so it’s not so very different.  This will be our new routine for the next six months.

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