Dried Beef Cheeseball

Dried beef isn’t something I ever had as a kid. Our beef was purchased a half at a time, nothing dried. My P.S. had it as a kid, often as SOS: chopped and creamed on toast. They were military people, perhaps that was common to their culture. I loved it the first time my MIL made it for us. She sent a jar hone with us and so I had to also learn how to make gravy. Continue reading

Beefy Shredded Cabbage Casserole

I had two bags of shredded cabbage to use and wasn’t in the mood for coleslaw or soup. Stir fry or casserole, my brain pondered. Casserole! I found a recipe that sounded just right and dinner was planned. I just had to thaw some ground beef fast in the microwave. Not a problem This deconstructed cabbage roll was going to happen! Continue reading

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

This recipe was an homage. When Pennsylvania finally declared Biden their choice for president, the world went crazy. He had enough votes to be declared our new president-elect. Even Kevin Bacon was pleased, confessing he was originally from Pennsylvania. He was going out to get himself a hoagieĀ  .That sounded like a good idea to me! Continue reading