Refried Bean Taco Soup

Taco Bean SoupRecently I had a cold and was cranky after 7 days of having no voice.  I needed a change! I was finally feeling better and was going to lunch at a local bakery that serves awesome soups and sandwiches. I checked their online menu and wondered whether I could make the soup on my own. Continue reading

Southwestern Chicken Dip {a warm and cheesy dip}

Southwestern Warm Chicken Dip

Leftovers day! My P.S. (Provider of Sustenance/hubby) often bakes or grills chicken and almost usually makes too many pieces. We’re left with 1 large chicken breast or 3 thighs or 2 drumsticks in a container in the fridge. That would be handy if we were snacky people, but we’re only home for breakfast and dinner and rarely snack. Continue reading

Red River Caviar

Lady Melady's Red River Caviar

Lady Melady’s Red River Caviar

I’m not a cowboy, I don’t know any cowboys, and I don’t think anyone around me even owns cows.  Since I live in a city, that’s probably a good thing.  So I’m going to rebel and refuse to call this dip Cowboy Caviar.  I’ve modified it to the point where it is Red River Caviar, eaten by Northerners who live along the Red River.  It’s really very good! Continue reading