Bloomin Onion Beef and Rice Casserole

My P.S. and I dined out at Texas Roadhouse the other night. I received a coupon for a free appetizer for my birthday, which was in June and they were closed due to the pandemic. I thought it was nice of them to note it and catch up at a later date. We looked at each other and were eager to order a cactus blossom (also called a blooming onion). It’s not only a great appetizer! Continue reading

Pulled Pork Wild Rice Casserole

I’m still hunting ways to use the large amount of pulled pork that results from a pork butt roast done in the crockpot. I’ve had a few successes. We really liked the pulled pork with noodles I posted awhile back. The other night I decided to actually record the recipe and substitute wild and white rice for the noodles. We live wild rice Up North and it’s always nice to find a dish we can slip it in. Continue reading

Turkey Stuffing and Broccoli Hotdish

Turkey, Broccoli Stuffing Hotdish

Turkey, Broccoli Stuffing Hotdish

Instead of all of the traditional dishes and side dishes for our Christmas buffet I tried quite a few new ones.  We celebrated the holiday on Christmas Day instead of Christmas Eve.  I had an extra day to prepare foods ahead of time and that was a relief.  We had several frozen turkeys in the freezer and I wanted to use one for a cozy casserole-type dish.  It would be traditional in an informal way.
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