Oreo Balls

Someone called me recently to ask where in the world was my recipe for Oreo balls?  I frowned and did a search of my blog and came up empty handed.  I had a post for Oreo cookie snowmen but not the regular recipe that we’ve made a gazillion times over the years.  Shame on me!  I had to remedy that this year.  I don’t make them every year anymore but when I do they absolutely disappear. Continue reading

Ice Cream Buffet for SUPPER?

Ice Cream Buffet

Ice Cream Buffet

I get to babysit my grandkids several days a week but recently got to spend a whole weekend with them.  My son and his wife spent a much needed long weekend in Duluth, to celebrate 17 years of marriage.  I got custody of the 5 grandkids, aged 2 years to 16 years!  This granny likes to cook so I consulted with the young’uns about what foods they wanted to eat all weekend.  Of course I hoped one or two of the meals would end up being blog worthy! Continue reading

White Chocolate Puffcorn

I’d always wanted to try making white chocolate coated puffcorn.  A few years ago a co-worker brought some into the office and I loved it.  It was a great mix of salty and sweet.  And since it was so.. puffy.. it seemed like it was maybe lower in calories.  Or so I hoped.  When I ran across the recipe recently I decided I had to finally make it. Continue reading