Bloomin Onion Beef and Rice Casserole

My P.S. and I dined out at Texas Roadhouse the other night. I received a coupon for a free appetizer for my birthday, which was in June and they were closed due to the pandemic. I thought it was nice of them to note it and catch up at a later date. We looked at each other and were eager to order a cactus blossom (also called a blooming onion). It’s not only a great appetizer! Continue reading

Pulled Pork Wild Rice Casserole

I’m still hunting ways to use the large amount of pulled pork that results from a pork butt roast done in the crockpot. I’ve had a few successes. We really liked the pulled pork with noodles I posted awhile back. The other night I decided to actually record the recipe and substitute wild and white rice for the noodles. We live wild rice Up North and it’s always nice to find a dish we can slip it in. Continue reading

Beefy Shredded Cabbage Casserole

I had two bags of shredded cabbage to use and wasn’t in the mood for coleslaw or soup. Stir fry or casserole, my brain pondered. Casserole! I found a recipe that sounded just right and dinner was planned. I just had to thaw some ground beef fast in the microwave. Not a problem This deconstructed cabbage roll was going to happen! Continue reading