Pulled Pork What?

One of our favorite go-to meats is the pork shoulder, also called a pork butt. I’m not sure why that is, it seems they’re opposite locations. But, it’s an inexpensive cut that often goes on sale and is ridiculously easy to throw in the crockpot for several hours, mutilate with two forks and eat for a week. It’s comfort meat. It’s very versatile. Continue reading

French Dip Squares

Although I’ve been mostly avoiding Facebook until after the elections because it makes my brain bleed, I do look for jokes, memes and recipes occasionally. I saw a video of this recipe and gasped. I actually had 2 cans of crescent roll dough and a roast in the fridge. My roast was moose but it’s so similar to beef you wouldn’t notice the difference. I even had provolone! Continue reading

Porcupine Meatballs

Porcupine meatballs were one of my childhood favorites.  It’s hard to imagine anyone NOT liking them.  Ground Beef and rice rolled into little balls, simmered in a tomato sauce?  Check!  They were usually served over yet more rice.  I ate the dish often as a kid, served it to my own kids, then forgot about it.  What?!?  Time to return to one of the best retro dishes, a simple recipe from the 60s! Continue reading